Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More of My Wishing

It seems I'm always finding fun things online, usually by accident. Here are a few of the newest ones. Can you tell I spend too much time looking around?

Look at these fun scripture bags from Molly Gear ! There were so many cute ones it was hard to choose just a few to feature here. I don't have any scripture bags, but these are way more fun than most I've seen.
I also found a great etsy shop, called SunBasilGarden "Because life is just too messy not to use happy soap!" Some is pretty and some is just plain fun. I'd love to get some for my guest bathroom.

Then I found these adorable zipper pouches (only $10!) and bags at Tangerine Kitty .

Not surprisingly, the rest of the products I found are for the kitchen and are from Kitchen Krafts. I already have a mini-cheesecake pan with removeable bottoms for easy release and it works great. I love that thing! (Stay tuned for a recipe where I used them soon. I'm behind on my recipe posts, but I will get to it.) So when I saw a few other pans with removeable bottoms, I added them to my wish list. Then I just saw some other fun things. In my head, I'm planning the fun party I could have if I had all these. Maybe I shouldn't sign up to get so many emails from kitchen product stores.

Lift & Serve Single Square Pan Aren't those sooo cute?
Yes, there are only 4 on here, as Elisa pointed out, but I could get a few pans, right?
4-Cup Lift & Serve Tartlet Pan This would be pretty for a spring luncheon, a princess party or a baby shower.
Four Flowers Petits Fours Cake Pan
I love fresh herbs, but can't seem to use them all before they go bad. If this really works, it would save me money. Herb-Savor Fresh Herb Storage Bin
Tea Cake Pan The website says: "Ideal size for the perfect dessert treat such as sponge cake, individual chocolate mousse, petite souffles or petite strawberry shortcakes! Make petite rice molds or mashed potato molds for elegant dinner servings." I like that it makes indentations that you can fill will fun stuff and there are 20 of them on one pan.


  1. Oh wow! Thanks for selecting my pouch and bags and for visiting my site.

    (I love the soap!)