Friday, April 29, 2016

Utah Local: Route 67 Tex-Mex

My neighbor Kim posted about this brand new restaurant owned by someone in her family so I was in a hurry to go try it out for 3 reasons. 1. I wanted some good food! 2. I like to support local business. 3. I wanted to share it with everyone on Facebook and on my blog. So I was glad to actually enjoy their yummy food and be able to support them in my little way by being a customer.

BUT I have failed you all because I left my camera bag on my sofa so the only photos I have were taken with my phone. As you can see, the quality is not good. Hopefully I'll remember it next time and take some more. But I think you can still see the fresh ingredients and get hungry just looking at the tacos.

Route 67 Tex-Mex is in American Fork in a shopping strip at 456 E State Road Suite 1200, right at the intersection of 500 E. and State St. The front of the restaurant actually faces 500 E., not State, but it is set back a bit from the road. There is plenty of parking.

Before I went, I saw that the online MENU has descriptions of all the dishes, but it doesn't have prices so I wanted to snap some photos of the menu there with prices, but my photos of the menu were very blurry.

Besides the regular menu, they also have a featured item of the day which changes. Today was a South of the Border Burger with fries and a drink for $10.50.

The salads (that photo was too blurry to post) are available in half or full sizes, which I love because I have a small appetite.

Steak        Half $7.95 Full $10.95
Chicken    Half $5.95 Full $8.95
Shrimp     Half $7.95 Full 10.95

They also had nachos on the menu, but I didn't get a pic of that so I don't know the price.

Unlike at some restaurants, they don't ask you if you'd like black or pinto beans. It's black. 

I went with my daughter Elisa and she and I usually share a dish, but we didn't this time so that we could try two things instead of just one. I ordered the steak tacos and Elisa ordered the chicken tacos (not street tacos) and we each swapped one of each with each other.

These are the Vino Tinto Pomegranate Steak Tacos just as they came out to the table. It's difficult to tell, but the tacos are smaller than most that I've had. Here is my daughter holding one so you can sorta, kinda see the size.

The steak was very tender and well seasoned. I loved the pomegranate pico on it. Yum! I don't often eat beef when I have a choice, but this time, I actually preferred the steak to the chicken tacos.

I didn't really taste pineapple in my taco, but it was good and I thought the use of kale on a taco was interesting and tasty.

I really like the unique combinations of flavors that I haven't seen in other restaurants. Next time I go, I will try the steak salad. Or maybe the pork tacos, even though I rarely eat pork. That chipotle mango is tempting me. And eventually the nachos! I guess I'll have to go back soon.

I know that running a restaurant is so, so, SO much work (from seeing my sister and brother-in-law when they had one), so go support Route 67 and eat good food and pass along the word to others!

And Route 67 is just a block away from The Puppy Barn so we stopped by there after lunch and played with some cute little puppies.

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