Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ahlixe's New Adventure

I have sadly neglected my blog, not because I am tired of it, but because my organic chemistry class requires so much time. I doubt that any of the few blog readers I have left play the game Minecraft, but maybe someone will search it and end up here, or maybe some of my blogger friends will have children who play Minecraft.

If you've never heard of the game, you create a whole world with 3-D blocks online. It is really popular.

My 17-year old son Alex really enjoys the game Minecraft and has decided to put his knowledge of the game and of the computer to work for him so he can earn some money for his mission. He recently started making tutorials on how to play the game. How can he make money with videos? He signed up to have ads put on the beginning and end of his tutorial YouTube videos and every time someone actually watches the ad instead of skipping it, he gets some change deposited into his account.

He has high hopes for this "job" and has spent hours and hours with his slow computer putting the first 8 or so episodes together. He has already been improving from feedback and is getting a lot of experience with different software.

If you wanna learn how to create things on the game or if you just have a few minutes to kill and wanna help someone earn money for his mission, watch the episode below or click over to his YouTube channel and click on any of his episodes. The ads show up sometimes, but not always, so you might need to click on a different episode if you're just being nice and trying to watch an ad.

Thanks for any clicks!


  1. I will head over there... and send tom too. good luck, alex! hope all your hard work pays off!

  2. What a clever idea! My 12 year old loves to play Minecraft & loves to watch the tutorials. He'll love to watch these!

  3. I currently don't have anyone playing Mindcraft. But, I know what it is and how popular it has become. Will pass the link on to some of my good friends who have little guys playing mindcraft.


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