Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekly Email (Alex's title)

This week was really good, and full of lots of good things. I don't
have much else to say here, so let's get into the weekly routine. 

The kanji of the week is: 心理学 pronounced "sheen-ree-gah-coo," and
means psychology.

We made cups out of bamboo, but they only lasted one use.

Monday; I don't really have too much to say about the day, and the
evening was spent street contacting.
I will honestly say that I don't remember too much from Tuesday. I
know that we went and visited/did service for our only investigator
that day. If I remember correctly, that was the first time we met him
(the other two elders passed him to us so that we would have at least
something to do), and we weeded his front yard (which was all weeds).
It was fun, and we also got to talk to him about the Book of Mormon.
We also tried to get to a member's house for a practice lesson, but we
got lost. We asked a guy to help us, and he took us where we needed to
go (we all rode bikes). Today we'll be going with him to dinner, so I
look forward to his friendship. 

Wednesday we went back to the investigators house and took a tour of
it (it's a pretty decent sized house, especially for Japan). He is a
really nice man, and he has been having lots of problems lately with
his family, so it has been really good for him to be able to talk
about it with us (he's kind of old and as far as I know doesn't have
kids or a family of his own). He is a really nice guy though, and
started to read the Book of Mormon. We also found a sign language
circle here in Morioka, so we will hopefully be able to go there. In the evening we had English class, which was lots of fun, and I like
the students here. They are a bit quiet at the moment, though that can
change with a little help! 

Thursday we went to a potential investigators restaurant for lunch,
and it was really good Indian curry. After that we went back to our
investigator, Mr. Yamamoto's house, and helped him out some more with
cleaning his house. That was fun, and after that we went to a member's
house and had a practice lesson with him. It was a decent lesson but
went over longer than it should have. After that we tried to visit a
referral from the sister missionaries, but they weren't home. There
was a lot of traveling that day, and we were able to get a Book of
Mormon out to a high school student we met on the street. 

 Friday was Zone training meeting, and it was really good. We had good
trainings, and good special musical numbers. Asides from that, the
only thing we did was weekly planning. 

Saturday was splits, and I went around with my Zone Leader, Elder
N. We did lots of Zone leader stuff because we were in his area,
and we didn't get to do much actual missionary work. We did get a
lesson in with a less active, and we also made cookies for the other
two in the last bit of the night before they came home. 

Sunday was a usual day, but our investigator came to church. He said
that he really enjoys the company of the members, and that he really
feels like he was guided to this church. He loves the church so much,
and wants to be the best he can. He has even said that when he dies he
wants to give all he has to the church. We did some other stuff, but I
can't remember any specifics.

That's my week in a nut shell! I love you all, and hope you have a great week! 

Elder _________ 

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  1. Seeing the pictures he sends and reading through his adventures takes me back 13 years to when I was seeing beautiful Japanese missionaries and reading these kind of stories.
    Love it.


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