Monday, July 25, 2011

Sundance 2011

After being rained out of our plans to go to Sundance several times, we finally made it. The girls tried on hats, but Alex didn't want to.
We saw some wildlife, but nothing like bears or cougars.
We went up the ski lift and Sabrina liked it.
But Elisa was scared. And Alexander loved teasing her all the way up. Have you ever seen a more mischievous smile??? 
View from the lift going up
Stewart Falls, which I hiked to with my sisters Tiff and Heather and bro-in-law Tom before
We got off the lift at the top to look around and hike a bit.
The trail was right on the edge and Elisa felt dizzy
See Stewart Falls again?
I didn't think it was good to have a dizzy girl on that trail so close to the edge so we didn't hike long...again.
There were some cool birds giving us an aerial show.
And back down we went
You know how sometimes you're so scared you don't know what else to do but laugh???
For some reason, when we got to this spot, Sabrina wanted me to take a photo here and change it to black and white like it was old. So she wanted to look unhappy like they used to in a lot of photos. Funny cuz that's how she looks in quite a few of her own.
We took a lunch up and Alex, Elisa and I got a super smoothie from the deli. Sabrina doesn't like smoothies so she opted for a Sundance apple. It wasn't grown there, but that's what she called it since we bought it there. We ate outside and had this little friend come and go.

Have I mentioned yet how Sabrina wears her purse around her neck? She wants to start a new fad. Think it'll catch on?

While we were there, they shut down the lift becuase of a storm coming in. After we got in the car and were headed back into Provo Canyon, it started raining. So glad we finally got to take our little trip to Sundance.


  1. Love your blog! Your pictures are always amazing and I always find something in your blog that makes me think, laugh, smile and sometimes cry (but not in a negative way). Thanks for sharing! BTW the shirt you are wearing for Sundance is one that Kaela picked out, and wanted me to buy her from Kohl's Junior Dept. She wanted me to tell you that it is a cool and awesome shirt!!lol

  2. So jealous! It's so pretty!! I Want to ride a lift. That close up of Alex looks like Harry Potter.

  3. Oh and your stomach is so flat!

  4. Michelle, tell Kaela she has good taste. :)

    Tiff, thanks for the compliment. I just hid it well.


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