Sunday, August 14, 2011

If I Listen With My Heart

If you have children in primary or have a primary calling like I do, you have probably heard this song many times. It is one of the primary program songs and one of my favorites. When I wish that I could hear my Heavenly Father or my Savior speak to me the things I need to hear, I can remember that when I read the scriptures, listen to the prophet and listen to the Holy Ghost, it is the same as if Jesus was speaking to me, directly to me, the words I need at that moment, no matter how unique my question or struggle. And if I do not do what He is telling me through the same means, I am not following his commandments. We are very blessed to not to be left alone, wandering and wondering.


  1. EVERY time we sing this, my eyes get a bit watery--powerful message and beautiful song.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Just what I needed :)


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