Friday, April 20, 2012

Think Before You Search!

Finals week is next week, so just a quick post.

Sometimes I search for a recipe for something like “strawberry cake recipes” or “mushroom side dish” and I click on the “Images” link so I can just scroll through a bunch of pictures without having to click on individual links for a bunch of things I’m not interested in.

A little while ago I was in the mood to make a dessert with some fruit or dried fruit that was a little different. I thought some kind of cookie bar would be fast since I don’t have much time to bake. I was thinking “tropical”, but decided to search for “exotic bars” and didn’t even type “recipes” like I often do to weed out the pics from restaurants…. Well, I’m sure you are waaaay ahead of me. I didn’t get photos of food with that search. Oops!

Speaking of searches, have you had hits on your blog from strange searches on Google (or whatever search engine)??? I wanna hear your crazy ones.

I have had way too many people lead to my blog by searching “naked guy cake” or “naked guy with a cake”. I only have the word naked twice on all my posts (until now), but it is talking about the scripture “Naked, and you clothed me”. Those people are sure disappointed when they see my blog.

And there is one that creeps me out. “Locker room spy cam” “girls spy cam” Guess I need to edit some old posts to change some phrasing (and probably delete this one soon or I’ll get even more hits!).

No photos with this post for obvious reasons. *Smile*


  1. OK, that is weird!!!!
    The internet is such an amazing and wonderful tool. Too bad there are so many that turn it into far opposite!

  2. That was super super funny. The things you find while looking for something else!!

  3. Even using a dash versus a hyphen versus a space can get you into trouble. You post made me laugh, though. Sorry. Just glad it was you and not me that got the "Eyeful" of UGH!!!!


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