Sunday, June 26, 2016

Quick Note

Another week with a very brief letter, but at least he sent a few photos this time. He wrote this part in his letter to me:

The investigator with the baptismal date is going through some tough times right now, but he's still a good investigator. We're also finding a lot, and doing lots of work. I am doing well, and am really happy to be working as a missionary, and so sad with how fast the time has gone. I'm happy to just be in the moment though.

To everyone:
This week was another great week, and there is too much to write in a
letter back home.

I haven't chosen a scripture of the week yet, so I can't include that.

Kanji of the week is: お茶 pronounced "oh-cha" and means tea.

This week has been a great week for learning of the power of God, and
I have no doubt that He is there, that He loves us, and that he is
with us every step of the way--even when we can't see it. Please,
deepen your relationship with Him, because when you try to get close
to Him, He will come closer to you! I promise you that this is a true
principle. Have a great week!



Crab flavored ramen from Hokkaido

Treat from a member

Ohm-rice that I made 
A burger with cream cheese sauce

Tonkatau made by Elder S (my companion)

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