Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You Must Study Shakespeare

Elisa often gets discouraged when we read scriptures because she doesn’t understand what it’s saying. She is young and even adults struggle at catching the meaning sometimes. So I’ve learned not to just read a verse and ask her, “What does that mean?”, but instead to break it down and ask easier questions that still make her think.

A few months ago we had read a few verses and then Alex said, “Okay, so it means…” And he was right. Then I added a few things that I wanted them to understand from the verses. Exasperated, Elisa said, “Do you two like study Shakespeare or something?” Alex and I burst out laughing while Sabrina kept saying, “What? What are you guys laughing about?” And luckily Elisa didn’t get her feelings hurt with us laughing at her because we couldn’t stop.

Now when Elisa explains something to us (scriptures, TV, whatever), I say, “You must study Shakespeare or something” and she laughs.


  1. That was SUPER cute!!

    I can totally understand too - sometimes the scriptures (Isaiah) feels like Shakespere to me!


  2. Hehe, that was cute.
    I do find though that after reading a book from a different era (such as a Jane Austen book) I tend to kind of talk like that for a while.


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