Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'll Look on the Bright Side

Yesterday Sabrina asked me to do her hair. That is very rare since I usually have to beg her to at least let me put barrettes in it or put it in a ponytail. But this time she wanted me to put part of each side in pig tails and leave the rest out, like a floppy puppy dog ears-look. As I was doing her hair she said, "Mom, there are three things you are good at. One is baking. Two is being a mom and three is hair. Elisa and I laughed because I am really not good at hair-do's, unfortunately. I finished Sabrina's hair, but noticed that the two sides didn't have the same amount of hair in the pig tails. She said it was okay and went to look in the mirror. She looked and said, "It's okay mommy. At least you have the other two you're good at." BIG SMILE!


  1. That is such a cute story. And Sabrina looks darling. :) Mindy (one of the sisters from The Sisters' Cafe)

  2. least she mentiioned two things she knew she could fall back on. :o)

  3. Lol - yes, so take comfort! "On the bright side", being a good mom encompasses a LOT of skills, so it's really more like you are good at a zillion things PLUS baking :D

  4. LOL! My daughter hates when I do her hair. And the pigtails are always crooked. Nothing like the perfect and cute hairdos that all the other moms I know seem to manage.


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