Friday, January 27, 2012

Brian Bingham

It's been a while since I posted music, so I'll fix that today. I found local singer Brian Bingham (and his band) on Reverbnation. He classifies his genre as Acoustic Indie Folk. I've had this song, Beat, on my play list for a while now and he just came out with a little video for it. He has the kind of voice that gives me chills and I love when he sings the duet parts with the female singer (I think Holly Morrison, but I don't know). Remember how I love DUETS

Watch the video and then go below to listen to more of his music. He has a new song posted on Reverbnation (link above) that isn't on his tune widget below if you'd like to head over there and listen to it and watch some of his live videos too.

"Surrounded by death taking its toll
Feels like fate has lost control."



  1. You have this journey into music that is intriguing (sp?). I look at your blog and am amazed at all the wonderful music you find. I seem to listen to the same old stuff, the songs I have loved for years. I need to break out of my mold like you! I appreciate you finding this good stuff to share with us and broaden, my horizon at least :-D

  2. One day I'll have time to check blogs... that is NOT during baby's naptime, then I'll be able to listen to all this music without waking her up!!! :) But I agree with Cherie, you are awesome to continue to broaden your horizons. :)

  3. He has a really nice voice...probably my favorite of all the people you've posted about.


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