Monday, April 4, 2016

Led By the Spirit

This week, I have really been led by the spirit, and I have learned anew that this truly is God's work, being led by Him. I have also thought about how just as God's work and glory is to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man," man too--in a more limited, but important way--must strive for not only his, or her, own immortality and eternal life, but also his, or her, neighbors' as well; for God cannot work without the cooperation of man in respect to their agency.

My scripture of the week is Mosiah 28:7 "And the Lord said unto Mosiah: Let them go up, for many shall believe on their words, and they shall have eternal life; and I will deliver thy sons out of the hands of the Lamanites." Kanji of the week is: 富士山 pronounced "Fuji san," and means Mount Fuji. Monday we helped the other elders with something, and then tried to visit some people, but no one was home. We did meet a really prepared man, but he was going back to his home town which was really far from any real city, and we didn't have a Book of Mormon to give him because we had already given the rest out to others who were accepting. We did get him a card, and also an English class flier, so we'll see what happens. Tuesday was a lesson in the morning with a less active that really likes meeting with the missionaries. He is looking to find more joy in the Gospel, and is progressing really well. Then we tried some finding, but no luck. In the evening we had a lesson with a recent convert, and then tried to visit some people with no luck. Wednesday I got a cold, and so we stayed at home for basically all of the day. I was feeling good enough towards the evening, though, so we went to English class, and that was fun.
This is of a cookie decorating activity we did on Thursday
evening. Of course I had to do something with the old rivalry, seeing
as I had not many other ideas with the colors available.
Thursday I was still a bit sick, but we went out and tried to visit less active members to no avail. We then prepared for an activity with a bunch of investigators, and other non-members, as well as some members, and then the activity itself was great and fun. Friday we spent all day in Koriyama, trying to talk to people there. We found quite a few people who were willing to talk, but no one willing to set up a next appointment. We did meet a guy that was super open to what we had to say, and we might be able to meet with him. In the evening, we had a great time with English class, and it was fun. Saturday we did weekly planning for most of the day, and then went to a lesson with a recent convert. That went well, and he's progressing a lot. After that, we went to try and visit a less active, but found out that he had actually told missionaries before to stop visiting him. We had no record of it, so we didn't know. He was very understanding though, and is a nice man.
A duck that was living in someone's
yard. I say yard, but it was a really small space they had boxed off.
It looked quite pitiful, and on the fence there was a sign that said
something about endangered animals, or at least protecting animals.
Not sure how much it was helping though.
Sunday we went to Koriyama for church, and that was great. I love the members there, and also the opportunity to take the sacrament. Then we came back to Aizuwakamatsu, and the only other thing we did was studies and call in reports. It was a lot longer, because a new zone opened up and we were put into it, so we're still figuring things out. Next week will be better. That's my week. I hope all yours were great too! I love you all, and wish you the best. Love, Elder 

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