Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Funny Kids and Strange Traditions

My kids are always making me laugh or think. I wish I would have written things down when they were younger so I could remember what they did. Here are just a few things I do remember. It's easier for me to remember Sabrina's moments since she is the youngest, it's not that I love her more. :) Hopefully I will think of more. I also put some traditions we have in our family in case my senility gets worse so I can be reminded of them.
When Alexander was about 6 years old, we had him make a bank to save money for his mission. We told him it was for his mission fund. He decorated it and wrote on it "Missin fun". I hope that's not how he feels when he's on his mission (even if it's true).

Elisa and I were in the car when she was 4 years old. I could hear her counting in the backseat. She'd count "1" and then a pause. "2" and another pause. When she was up to 30-something, she asked me if I knew what she was counting. I said I didn't so she told me that she was counting things she was grateful for. I asked her, "What are you grateful for?" She answered, "Forks so we don't have to eat with our hands. The garbage men and the garbage truck for getting our trash so it's not in our house."

The other day, Sabrina stuck her lips out far and said, "Look at me. My lips were made for kissing!"

Sabrina adores dogs. She asked me recently, "When dogs die, do they get to be Gods with their own world too?" When I told her that only people do, she said, "Too bad. That would be a fun world."
When we are in an elevator with no one else, the kids and I walk around in a circle over and over until the door opens. Then the person who is closest to the door when it opens is the winner.

Before Christmas, we each buy a pair of "silly socks". They can be stripped or have pictures on them or anything. Then on Christmas morning, we put them on before going downstairs to see what Santa brought and we keep them on all day. The kids have lots of fun finding a different pair every year.

One April Fool's day when Alex was in kindergarten or first grade, I put a couple of drops of food coloring at the bottom of 2 glasses. Then when Alex and Elisa were ready for breakfast, I poured the milk in the glasses in front of them, but not where they could see the bottom of the glasses. The milk looked like the white milk was turning green as it was being poured into the glass. I told them it was magic milk. They wanted to see it again. I tried to be sneaky again, but Alex got too close and saw the food coloring after the second time. Even though they know the trick, they want me to do it every April Fool's.

I sang the song Beautiful Dreamer to all my chilren when they were babies and Sabrina still wants me to sing it to her every night. If Robin is home when the kids go to bed, he sings her his version of Duérmete, Mi Niño.


  1. How funny... and fun! It sounds like you guys have so many good memories. You have three great kids there! you done good, kid. Love you all!


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