Friday, February 12, 2010

Cute Valentines

When will I learn??? I had been bugging my girls to decide what kind of valentines they wanted to make for school for a while. They both said they didn't want to make any, just buy them. I found several different kinds online and kept showing them, but they didn't find any they wanted to use. Of course, Thursday when they came home from school I told them that we needed to go buy their valentines (whatever is left at the store the day before), but wanted to show them one last valentine online. Of course, they loved it and wanted to do it. So we had to run to the stores, buy all the stuff and then actually put them together. Everything always takes longer than you expect and this one did! But now they are both at school with their valentines and will be having their party soon. Next year I think we'll have the rule that valentines have to be started at least one week before the party day.

First I'll show a few of the ones they decided not to use. I know it's too late for your kids to take them to school this year, but maybe to use on Valentine's Day or next year. And besides lots of these blogs are great.
Cute and simple from A Little Art and Lots of Love

My girls actually liked this one, but we didn't have enough time to do it. I thought this one was way fun and unique! Start with your child posing, holding nothing and then pop on a lolipop. Found it at Golden Moments and then I found this adorable one below at Design Mom.
And Gabrielle (AKA Design Mom) also came up with the one below.
Blonde Designs. actually also had the cute photo lolipop valentines, but first I found these felt bracelet Valentines there. Hearts for girls and arrows for boys.

You don't even have to include candy with this one I found at View from the Prairie Box.
I like this one so much that I think I'll try making one like this for my hubby. See what you do? Isn't that fun? I found it at Ullabenulla.
Ulla is an artist and has a fascinating blog. And this is totally off topic, but check out these paper shoes from her etsy shop. She sells the tutorial for them. Wouldn't they be beautiful for an inviation to a girl's birthday party? Just glue the info inside the shoe. Okay, back to Valentine's Day...
Cute clothespin Valentines at Keeping It Simple
Love Bug at Kaboose
Purr-fect Kitty Valentines at Blissfully Domestic
Homemade Marble Paper Butterflies at Roots and Wings Co. (Sorry no photo. Their pics are copyrighted.) If you've never been there, check it out!! They have tons of awesome Valentine's Day stuff and year round fun.
Owls at The Life of Being Me

Here is what they ended up doing until 10:00 last night. We found these ice cream cones filled with cotton candy valentines at Just a Country Girl Lost in the City.
Elisa made the tags on the computer and then they both signed their names on the back. We were watching Sabrina's friend so she got to help too.
They are bigger than the flat valentines and hopefully they'll all make it to their friends' boxes without the cones turning to crumbs. It was fun, but I wouldn't recommend doing them all in one afternoon/night.


  1. I think if I am going to take on a project like this, my rule will be two weeks early! That was a lot of work you managed to do! Great job, love all the info!

  2. What a lot of work! They came out really cute, though! You are such a good mom, Valerie. The kids are fortunate to have you for a mother, and then again, you are fortunate to have such cute and great kids!

  3. You are so creative. I love your site!

  4. You are an awesome Mom to tackle this the night before the big party day at school. Wow! I loved all the ideas. To bad my children are grown... but I can always do this for my Primary class... hmmmmm That is why I love teaching in Primary - I can still act like a child and do fun things for children. Love it! Happy Valentines Day!

  5. So cute. I love to see the homemade valentines! You have mucho patience to be working so long and hard on them but I'm sure your girls enjoyed doing them and their friends loved getting them!
    Sorry I missed you at Julie's yesterday!

  6. Good job! Those look like alot of work. I have to concur that you are a really nice mom to do that at the last minute. They did turn out cute.

    Can you believe my son's school did not have Valentines parties this year. What???? So sad.

  7. Wow! These are impressive and took lots of effort, I am sure. The results seem to be more than worth it. Glad I got to see these.

  8. Your girls are just to adorable! These craft projects are beautiful and your girls did a fantastic job!You are a kind and patient mom!I wish I was the recipient of one of those!

  9. Sooo many cute ideas! I love the sucker photos! Sadly, my daughter went with the boxed princess Valentines! (her choice) :) Hope your holiday was a great one!

  10. Thanks for all the great ideas!! I'll have to remember to come back when I am looking for ideas for next year's Valentines!!


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