Monday, June 21, 2010

Marching Through Summer

Alexander has quite a busy summer. He was so excited to start his first year of marching band, which means that he goes to practice at 7:30 am every weekday and then he has parades just as early almost every Saturday. Although I miss being able to sleep in during the summer, I've enjoyed seeing him so dedicated to something that he enjoys. He is learning good skills that will help him at work, on a mission, and in his life.

He has been in two parades so far. At the first one, they didn't have their plumes (feathers) or gloves yet, but they did for the second one. Unfortunately, when he passed by our spot both days, he wasn't even playing. It was still fun to see him.

Then on Sunday, Alexander gave a talk in sacrament Spanish! It was the first time he has done that. He did a great job and received so many compliments from surprised people who never expected him to start speaking in Spanish when he started his talk. I am very proud of him. I can't imagine having done that as a 14-year old.

In many ways I'm sad that my first baby is getting so old. Less than 5 years before he'll be leaving me on his mission. But it's also great to see him learning new things and developing into his own young adult character. I love you, Alexander.


  1. My husand was in marching band. Summers are busy and those uniforms can get a little hot! :)
    That's awesome that he gave a talk in Spanish! That's a great accomplishment.

  2. I didn't even know he was learning Spanish. That's great! He's so brave! He looks so grown up in those pictures...and the poor kid next to him in the first picture needs someone to help him with his hat. ;o) lol

  3. Love the pics! He looks amazing and so serious. We don't even have a marching band in our town. The girls play the piano instead. What a wonderful experience for him to be able to speak in another language. It will help him so much later on in his life. I really wish that I had learned a second language while I was young.

  4. love the sunglasses. super cool.

  5. Wow! You do have a busy summer! I remember those marching band days! My sis and I were on the drum line, so we were carrying either cymbals, a drum, or a 50 lbs xylophone. But SO fun! Enjoy your summer!

  6. He gave a talk in a foreign language at age 14?! Wowie! And he has the self discipline to get up every morning for marching band? You have a remarkable son...and he's not even a RM yet.

  7. He looks so good in his uniform! Good thing you are as dedicated and disciplined as he is, so he can get where he is going.

    We were so pleased to hear how well he did on his talk in Spanish too!

  8. Wow - that IS weird to think you have a child leaving home in just a few years! It seems like you have done a really good job with him :) Good luck with marching band!


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