Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Baby Changes Everything

I have not done a single Christmas post yet, but so many Christmas thoughts are in my head. Today Elisa gave a talk in testimony meeting. When she was first asked, she said, "No way!" She has never liked getting up in front of groups and talking. I asked her to pray about it and think about it overnight before making her decision. Alexander said he'd do it if she didn't want to. Those two have such different personalities. I have to admit I'd be hesitant to actually volunteer myself. But Elisa decided she'd do it. Her topic was "What I can learn from Mary and Joesph". What a beautiful thing to contemplate. She did a wonderful job writing her talk and delivering it! She even said it wasn't too bad being up there. I'm so proud of her for doing something that wasn't easy or comfortable.

One of the things Elisa talked about that we can learn from them is how they were willing to be the parents of Jesus, the son of God, even when it put them in such a difficult position. She quoted a song from the church's musical drama Savior of the World.

"Ask God all your questions,
Hear His voice so still,
Let the Spirit's whisper
Teach how to do His will
Then go and do His will."

It sounds so easy. Listen for the Father's will for us, just as Mary and Joseph did, and go and do it. I am so imperfect and while I desire to do this, I can see times when I have not. Instead I let my pride stop me or I have a reason that probably that's not really what I'm being asked to do. I am so grateful for the examples of this very special couple that someday I hope to know and thank.

And of course, I am eternally grateful for that baby who came to the earth in such humble circumstances and never asked for more than that. He served others and always honored the Father. Because of that little baby being born, growing up doing the will of the Father, and atoning for our sins, I can repent and my Heavenly Father will forget all of my stupid mistakes that I wish I could go back and erase. Because of that baby, we all have hope.


  1. What a great Sunday for you! I love it when my kids speak in church- shows me that it's all been worth it!

  2. A baby does change everything. Born in a Stable, Cradled in a manger, loved by a Heavenly Father, Willing to serve us all. What a wonderful gift He freely gave so that we could also return to our Father in Heaven.

  3. Merry Christmas Valerie!
    Thank you for visiting my blog. :o)


  4. I understand how hard it was for Elisa to do that. She was brave, especially since she had such an easy out!


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