Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Desert Noises

Warm weather is coming back and I’m excited for all the fun things you can do outside, including outdoor concerts like Provo Rooftop Concert Series, which is a once a month FREE concert (first Friday of every month May through October) up on the top level of a parking structure at 100 West and 100 North in downtown Provo. Music starts at 7:30. May 2nd is the first concert of 2014 and there are 3 bands playing. I thought I’d introduce you to them, one at a time, so you can see if it’s the kind of music you’d like to listen to so you can go have fun too. They are lots of fun for the whole family so bring your blanket or chair and some snacks (or buy food from the delish restaurant row they set up in the alley next to the parking structure) and listen to some amazing music!

Desert Noises is one of the bands performing. They performed last May at the Rooftop Concert, where I saw them and you can see that night's performance of 27 Ways in the first video below. They are 4 young guys from Provo, who are currently out doing a US tour to promote their new album “27 Ways”. The oldest member is Kyle Henderson, 24. The other three members are Tyler Osmond (Donny Osmond’s nephew), Pat Boyer and Brennan Allen. Together they make a unique sound with awesome music. According to their bio, “Desert Noises makes music for shouting into canyons, jumping into rivers, and getting married to the wide-open road.” I really like their sound and no two songs sound the same, like some bands, so make sure to listen to more than one. If you are like me, you'll listen to all of them...over and over.


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