Monday, December 28, 2015

No Time

This past week we got to Skype with Alex on Christmas Eve. He isn't really much of a talker and even though I asked him to come up with some stories ahead of time, he had NONE. 

We still had a good talk and took a few photos that didn't turn out well. It was very difficult to hear since his companion was in the same room talking to his family at the same time and Alex had to ask, "What was that?" sometimes three times before he heard us as we yelled our answers back to the computer. 

We could hear his companion singing in Japanese to his family. Alex said he'd try to get a video of the two of them singing something for us, but he didn't have time this week. I look forward to any kind of video from him.

His letter to everyone was very brief this week:

I don't have too much time to say anything, but this week was great. I
love being here every second! We had district p-day today, so not too
much time for writing.
The kanji of the week is: 机 pronounced "tsku-eh" and means desk.
We had many miracles this week. Sorry I don't have time for anything
else! Love you all and have a great week!
Elder ______

In the middle of October, Alex had a bike accident that left him with a very bloody knee. He showed us how it's healing, now more than 2 months later and it's still not healed completely. Ouch!

He's showing us his boot socks that we sent in his Christmas package and  he says that "everyone thinks they are awesome". haha

District Christmas activity

This is the video that is from the whole Sendai mission. It's 24 minutes long and I only spotted Alex in a few photos. I thought the photos of the painting on the rice fields were cool.

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  1. Wow! Neat video! My daughter is in the Tokyo mission, so is not in any of these. But it was fun to see and hear none the less! :) Merry belated Christmas to you and your beautiful family!! :D


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