Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Don't fly away yet!

I remember so well my feelings when my first-born, Alexander, was old enough to start kindergarten. Up to the point in his life, he was with me all the time. Suddenly, he was leaving me for part of the day almost every day. I wouldn’t know all of his accomplishments through the day. I wouldn’t be there to see all the new things he was learning or to see what happened to make him sad or upset. I’m crying just thinking about it. I couldn’t believe that 5 years had passed since I took him home from the hospital. His teacher let me go once a week to help in the class. (The teachers are happy for parents to help!) I got to see him have fun with his friends, do his work well and occasionally mess up a little. He was okay without me. Then at the end of the year, they had kindergarten graduation. They had practiced a program with songs. One of the songs was something about the kids being like little eagles learning to fly out of their nests. That made me sad because I wasn’t ready for him to fly away. Of course, he didn’t really fly away, but children spend most of their day at school and then doing homework so it sometimes feels like it.

Well, back to the present. My little kindergarten eagle is starting junior high in less than 2 weeks. I can’t believe it. I remember being in 7th grade and it doesn’t seem THAT long ago. But it was. His biggest worry is that he won’t be able to open his locker. We went to registration at the school today and he was able to practice at his own locker several times and he’ll get to practice again the day before school starts at the open house. So he’s feeling better about that. He’ll be in band and thinks he’ll play the trombone. He took piano lessons for almost 2 years so I’m sure he can pick it up pretty quickly. It’s just the practicing that will be a challenge for him. So many distractions.

Elisa starts 5th grade this year in a new school since we moved. She has been very unhappy about having to change schools, but has a better attitude now that she knows one of her friends from church is in her class. I’m so glad they are together. I’ve been hoping they would have the same teacher. She is very social and I know she’ll make friends quickly and be fine. She is growing up too fast! Fashion is very important to her and she always dresses so nice.

Sabrina, my baby, is going into kindergarten. Unbelievable! It’s a crazy year since she only has school for part of the day and my other two have school all day, but with slightly different schedules since they’re in different schools. Sabrina is so ready for kindergarten and I’m sure she will stay with no problems the first day. I can’t believe all my children will be in school. Some days I wished for this to happen. You know, those days when no matter what you do, the kids fight and make huge messes and complain about everything. But it’s here and I can’t roll back the clock. Luckily, I still have some time before they really fly away. I’m glad because I still have lots to teach them and learn from them and lots of hugs and kisses to give!

Alexander in Timp Cave last week

Elisa at home

Sabrina on our hike

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  1. I can't believe how fast time flies, either! You have great kids! They are so thoughtful and loving. You done good, kid. I love you all!


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