Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Lovely

When Alex was a baby, I used to call him Lovely all the time. Then the song "Where Did You Go, My Lovely?" by No Mercy came out and I adopted it as my song for him.

Alexander had his first band concert this week. He played piano for almost two years and we went to a few recitals during that time, but this was the first time he played his trombone for an audience. He got all dressed up and we went to the school. Once we got there, I realized I had forgotten my camera. Can you believe that??? Of course, if you know me, you believe it! I have such a bad memory. I have a couple of photos I took with my phone, but I still don't know how to get them from my phone to the computer! So I'm posting some photos I took at home instead. The band sounded really good and I'm looking forward to going to his next one and having a camera!

Besides being in band, he is in art and loves it. He's done some big projects, but those are at school so I took some photos of some of the artwork he has at home. All his other free time is taken up by TV (He loves Discovery Channel, but also watches plenty of Nick), his Nintendo DS, especially Pokémon games, and the computer.

This is his sketchbook, which he dipped in paint to make. Pretty, huh?

Alex has a really good sense of humor and laughs at loud at movies or commercials. He got that from his Dad. But when the camera comes out, his smile disappears. He got that from his dad too. It's very difficult to get a good photo of Alex smiling since if I tell him to smile, he gives me a geeky, fake smile. I was lucky to get him looking this happy. You can see he's trying to suppress his smile.

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