Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lookie What I Got

My children and I have moved out of our home we loved so much and back into our old home that we've been renting out. Lots of emotions and hard work!!! I'm grateful for family and friends helping me so much. It's great that there are still neighbors that we know and love in this neighborhood even though many have moved.

But my post today is about something happy. Back in June, Bonnie had a giveaway on her blog City Home/Country Home for a $40 gift certificate to CSN Stores and I won! I was so glad for something to be happy about, but I was so busy and heartbroken about the divorce that I didn't do a lot of things I normally do, including figuring out what cool free thing I wanted. Finally I looked around their site and it took a long time looking through all their many items. It was not easy to choose, but when I saw these, they were calling to me! A beautiful tray and matching bowl. CSN shipped them quickly and packed them in lots of bubble wrap so they were so protected.
Okay, I did have to pay $10 for the little bit over $40 and the shipping, but that is still GREAT. The only problem is...what was I thinking??? My tiny kitchen can't hold half of the things I already kept in my other kitchen and I have no basement for storage. But I'll find a place for them. I just love them and can't wait to use them.

If you haven't been to City Home/Country Home, go check out all of Bonnie's great recipes and awesome photos of the gorgeous place where she lives.


  1. they are so so so gorgeous!
    what fun. i think you need a celebration just so you can use these bad boys!!!

    val, i didn't realize everything you've been up against lately. hang in there. know that you're already in our thoughts and prayers ...even more now!

    you're a strong & courageous lady. i know a few like you. my mom for one. i have so much respect for the refining fires she walked through...and on my behalf. you're not alone.

    you're a survivor & a rocking mom (not to mention recipe GENIUS!!!).

    Proverbs 31:25 "Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come."


  2. Those are beautiful - How fun to get something for free. It'll be a nice addition to your kitchen!!
    I'm glad you and the kids are doing well and that you DO have a nice place to live with people who care about you nearby!!


  3. Valerie, These are beautiful! And they so look like something you would love! I am so glad that you are moved and that you are around people who love you! Hang in there girl! The road is rough, but the ending makes it all worthwhile!

    Hugs from me and my family also!!!

  4. Beautiful!! Hang them on the wall - don't put them in the cabinet.. they are awesome! It's so much fun to win things. I'm thankful you have a place to live -- that is always a hard thing to do after a divorce. Are you going to have to find a job? I hope all is well in the big changes you are going through. Just continue to be a great mom - that's your most important job now.. Keeping things normal and safe ..... place a place of peace where the spirit can dwell. Soon things will be better and normal again. I promise!

  5. Such pretties!!

    Ok.. so first I will say "Hi!" I am your slacker blog friend that hasn't visited in quite a while dropping by to see your cute stuff.. and then I started looking at your blog pictures.. and knew something was up.

    --Sooo I just went back through like 10 of your posts.. all the way back to " Time to let it out.." since I have been away for so long.. and I cried through all of your words.
    I feel so sad for you.. and yet.. I am happy for you as well.

    I know some of what you have experienced.. as I have been divorced as well.. and am grateful you show such faith and such a good attitude -- through these last few weeks.

    I am not sure where you live.. but I would REALLY like to get together for lunch soon. I know your in UTah.. just not sure where...

    If you e-mail me.. I can give you my phone number..Hope to hear from you soon.. XO

  6. That is so darling! I hope you find a great place for them.

    It sounds like things will be OK moving in among familiar people and places.

    Thoughts are with you.

  7. Those are really pretty. Whenever I see things like that I wonder what in the world I would use them for...and where would I put it? Well, with the new kitchen that's not so much the issue anymore, but still. I'm glad the proze came at a good time for you. You definitely did need a little fun, good news then.

  8. Those are so cute! Glad you were able to have something besides your awesome kids to smile about... you deserve it!

  9. Valerie, I don't know if you follow this person... but she did an article on lessons she learned from her divorce. I liked it and hope you find it enlightening. Here is her blogspot. She just posted it. Very interesting!

  10. First off, do you have a facebook? If so please add me I set up girls night out and single's activities all the time. There is always something going on and it's much funner when you get a group together to go. I didn't have ANY single friends when I got divorced, but I have networked like crazy and found tons... I'd love to have you join us for something sometime.

    (((hugs))) ps. I remember crying as I put away my dishes in the little rental house I moved into after my divorce. It felt like such a step backwards. This house reminded me so much of the little old starter home I was so happy to leave. I still miss my big, newer house, but after 3 years this little place feels like home.

  11. LOVE what you picked at CSN! I hope you can find somewhere to put them.

  12. Valerie! I just realized that I had the wrong URL in my google reader. no wonder I was never getting updates from your blog! I'm glad to see that you are still blogging and I have had lots of fun, and a bit of pondering myself getting all caught up. I hope all is well with you and your new cozy home. (less to clean right!?) And goodness, thank you for your generous blog post. It was definetley good timing to hear something so positive, so thanks friend.
    -These dishes are prtty enough for a dining table centerpiece.

  13. So pretty! I hope they bring a ray of sunshine to your heart everytime you look at them.
    And I hope that you will be surrounded by love and warmth in your old/new place.

  14. I'm glad you can see the bright things at this time. Life can sure throw you curves. You're an awesome mom and woman, you'll do fine. Stay close to those who love you and that includes your blogging friends.

    Are you in a different city than you were before?

  15. Valerie, The give-away couldn't have gone to a nicer or more deserving person. I'm so glad that you got to pick out something that you love. My kitchen here in the city is so small that I must admit that I have to store things in the oven and take them out when I am not using them.

    I hope that things start to look brighter for you soon. The Lord will bless you.


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