Monday, August 23, 2010

Reader Reward!

I'm so excited to share this news with you! Do you remember the cute serving tray and bowl that I chose to get with the CSN Stores gift certificate I won? There were so many awesome items to chose from and it was fun going through them all. And now one of you will have that chance!

CSN Stores is giving me the chance to have a giveaway for my readers. When I almost completely stopped blogging while going through my divorce, I thought I'd lose all my blogger friends and readers. I have been grateful that so many of you actually remembered me even after all that time and continue to visit me and comment and let me visit you.

The winner will receive a $65 gift certificate to use on any item at CSN Stores. (Any Canadian readers may have to pay international shipping charges so be aware of that.)

If you check out the site, you will see why it took me a while to chose what to use my gift certificate on. Since I love cooking and baking so much, I spent a lot of time on the pages and pages of kitchen products. One thing that I don't have that I would like to own someday is a Dutch Oven. Before, when I used to read that a recipe was cooked in a Dutch Oven, I passed over it, thinking that it meant you had to be out camping or doing survival cooking. They do have a Dutch Oven with a Tripod that looks PERFECT for camping.

But (as most of you probably already know, but I didn't) there are lots of Dutch Ovens designed for indoor stovetop and oven use. And they come in a variety of pretty colors and sizes! There are 15 pages of them on the site.
I even searched online and found some recipes I'd like to try when I have a Dutch Oven someday.
Monkey Bread Mountain High Utah Stuffed Dutch Oven Pizza Pie Dutch Oven Chicken Paad Thai

But this giveaway is about YOU! You get to choose what you get. To enter, just leave a comment telling me one thing you like at CSN Stores (of course you can choose what you'd get later). I'll give you a second entry if you are a follower or have made a comment in the last month. Just leave me a comment saying that. Entries accepted until August 31st at midnight MST and I will do my best to post the winner on September 1st.

Thank you, CSN Stores, for letting me reward one of my awesome readers with your great prize!!


  1. hello and welcome back Miss Valerie!

    Thank you so much for the update and the opportunity to participate in your reader reward.

    While I too have to agree the little hanging dutch oven and tripod is a splendid choice, having one myself already.. I would have to say that the little 3 piece Spooky Grinning Pumpkin figurines ( ) have caught my eye with a close follow uup to the Milliken Fall Seasonal Halloween Rug ( ) or the IMAX Large Dancing Pumpkin! ( )

  2. Wow! I was checking out their toys section - I'd probably use it to put a dent in Christmas shopping for the kids. My boys want scooters. :)

  3. oh i'm all for jumping on the dutch oven wagon! i've been salivating over the lovely colors offered le creuset, but my are they spendy! either way, that's my goal is a lovely, colorful dutch oven. so way to read my mind!
    ::fingers crossed::

  4. p.s. i'm definitely a follower! and a commenter! shoot you can't get me to shut my trap. =D

  5. Ooohhh...I've been dreaming in that store! I have never heard of it before.

    Anywho....there is so much that I WANT but what I would probably get is this knife set...

    Why would I spend a fabulous gift set on knives...well it might have something to do with us being down to 2 steak knives, a butcher knife and a bread knife....

    just maybe...

    I follow you and I think I've commented recently. I'll have to search because I'm not sure if it was here or on FB.

    Love you! Hang in there!


  6. I have been thinking about you... I hope to hear from you someday when life slows down...

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  8. It is so funny that you mention Dutch Oven's. I love to cook in cast iron and I was just telling Jason the other day I would love to have one. I would have to day that their selection of Dutch Oven's would be my favorite thing and then the toys. Anyway there is my 2 cents worth.

  9. BTW I follow and read your blogs often!! I enjoy them!!

  10. I think that is so generous of you!
    I didn't realize that you thought people would quit following you when you quit blogging for awhile. You are worth sticking with. I love your blog!
    I also follow!

  11. Hey Valerie! I saw some cute red cowboy boots on They were adorable. Hope everything is goig gret for you. I still want to call you lady, and I still need your number! : )

  12. I love a lot of their braided rugs! And, of course, all of their cookware - especially the molds. Thanks for holding the giveaway! By the way, I follow (and love) your blog and have probably left a comment in the last month.

  13. **waving hand wildly** I am a follower and have made comments. Just after looking for a few minutes, I like the dutch oven and tripod, the T posts for a clothes line and cast iron skillets. But with everything to choose from, it WOULD be hard!

    Tiff :o)

  14. I usually don't enter your giveaways.. since i'm family. but I'm being greedy this time... i don't care :) I am a follower and have made comments. I am so glad you are blogging again. I just had a couple of minutes to look but I would love a wok. thanks for the fun giveaway. keep blogging... we all love you!

  15. Hi Valerie,

    I am a follower, commentor and faithful reader. I so enjoy your blog and hearing about your cut children. I, or course, like anything CSN has to offer. Did you find a spot in your kitchen for your bowl and tray?

  16. Valerie, I am a follower (of course) and I am right there with you on the on the dutch ovens!! We only use cast iron in our house and that is the one thing that I do not own. So I would love to have that to make tasty things at home!! I would love to try my own pineapple upside down cake and also my own cinnamon rolls!! Can I say, "pick me, pick me!"

  17. There's always another kid-related item to acquire like a booster feeding seat. Or even more exciting, something for the new baby on the way.

  18. Maybe a ceiling fan like because it's impossible to open windows in my house at night, why you may ask (ok you're smart enough to know why but...) When it's 75 inside and 90 outside, opening windows does no good. That and our room is the last room to get A/C so by the time the a/c gets to out room there is no air coming out, even with every other vent closed. Therefore I would get a ceiling fan!

    Also, I've read and read you blog the past month (well longer) but i don't remember If I have commented to you. But I do know I have commented to WA about your amazing self. Does that count?

  19. Glad to see you back into your old interests. This is a generous giveaway. I don't have to get anything. I just wanted to let you know that you are wonderful!

  20. Oh dear. What is a CSN store? Do they have them in England? I don't think so....

  21. I follow you because I know you will make it through the darkness and be stronger for it! I would look at kitchen items for my daughters' for Christmas...


  22. What a wonderful giveaway. I also love the food you featured in this post. It looks wonderful. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  23. What a beautiful thing to do. You have such a warm and generous heart. I love your blog.

  24. Wow! I would get the indoor dutch oven too! Thanks for such a generous give away! I hope you're doing well in your new/old place and that your kids are happy. Sometimes life can be extra hard!

    Take care!

    I follow you.

  25. I'd be all over the moneky bread! Love it!

    Very generous of you and CSN, though I'm not surprised by you. :)


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