Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Pink Elephant Shop

Okay, I couldn't even wait a single day to post this next giveaway. I'll have both going on at the same time and you can enter both!

Kelly used to be in my ward (church congregation) and is now all grown up and has a husband and kids AND an etsy shop full of the coolest stuff ever--headbands, earrings and necklaces. She is so talented. I love that she loves buttons and uses them lots in her creations because I always think of her as "cute as a button". Stop by her etsy shop The Pink Elephant Shop. Kelly sent me this cute headband called The Anne just for me. Pretty, pretty! I wore it today and received many compliments.   
Kelly said she'd send me a headband for the giveaway and I was anxious to see which style she'd choose. This is called The Lenore. When I saw it, I couldn't believe it. It is so beautiful. AND it goes perfectly, I mean perfectly, with one of my shirts.
(I do wear a Half-Tee under it, just for the record.) But the Lenore is for one of you. So now I have that headband on my wish list, along with several others. Something fun about her items is that several of them are named after a movie character. This one below is The Mrs. Peacock, inspired by Mrs. Peacock from the movie "Clue".

And this one is The Alice-El Mondo Guerra (for those of you who watched Project Runway). Kelly explains that she named it The Alice "because I created it when I needed something sassy to where on a hot date to the opening of Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland'." If you've seen the show, you can tell the fabric choice was inspired by Mondo!
So if you'd like to enter to win The Leonore-Emerald (along with some chocolate I'll throw in), please visit Kelly's etsy shop The Pink Elephant Shop and leave a comment telling me which one other item you'd choose for you or for a gift from all her pretty items. Tell me if you're a follower and you get an extra entry. The comments are welcome until midnight on November 23rd. I'll randomly choose a winner and post it soon after. Yay for fun giveaways!


  1. Okidokie, let's talk turkey!
    er....uh....well, let's talk headband heaven!!!!
    so i'm infatuated with MANY of kelly's creations.
    their so fun and unique. AND COLORFUL, which i adore! i'm digging: Poison Ivy (for sure!), Miss Scarlett (she was always my favorite when I'd play Clue), and the Haribo Candyband in gold (something magical about gummi bears, that's just all there is to it). so i love how whimsical & quirky & sophisticated they are at the same time. luv luv luv!

    but....drumroll favorite of ALL is:

    ....THE LILLIAN!!!!!!!!!

    i'm pretty sure i'm going to have dreams about the lillian. no lie. my heart SWOONED for it the moment my eyes were laid upon it.

    so put in a good luck entry for me, k? cause lenore is lovely too. i'll keep my fingers & toes crossed, dance a little jig, toss salt over my shoulder, and count clover leafs if i have to! :)


  2. and i'm still a val-stalker! :)
    (cha-ching! double-entry there.)

  3. Those are darling headbands! They are cuter than the ones I saw at the last botique I went to. I'd love to have the Lenore & the Alice-El Mondo Guerra.

  4. Such cuteness! Only one??
    For sure the Cameo cream one. Oh my word.. I'm kinda obsessed with Cameo's. You know.. it's that old fashioned girl in me. :)

    I must say.. not many people have a shirt that matches perfectly with the giveaway... you must have it! So cute!!

    ~ Also.. I LOVE the Anne.. because of course!

  5. I like the Anne - Vanilla ice cream, and I love the cameo- cream. They are both beautiful!!

  6. And Val, I am always a follower for you!!

  7. You know how hard it is to find a black flower for ariel... I finally made some - (out of ribbon... but "The Lillian Black" as it will match something better then the flowers I made her

    and you know I'd follow you where ever (so 2 please)

  8. They're all so adorable, but I love the Alice Vintage headband.

  9. Those are soooo cute but seriously I cannot wear headbands - I have a weird shaped head ha ha. So don't put me in the drawing.
    I just wanted to tell you how cute YOU look in the headband!!

  10. I love everything, but I really loved the colors on the Alice green paisley, such cute stuff.

  11. There are so many to choose from but my favorite is the alice-hot green pink and brown


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