Sunday, April 10, 2011

Face to the Pavement

I had to share a funny thing that happened in my primary class today. It shows a fundamental difference in not just how males and females act, but how they think about and see the same things differently. I just had to laugh even though the children had no idea why.

I asked the children in class if any of them wanted to share an experience about a time someone helped them in some way. One of the boys started sharing a time when he was on his bike and the bike stopped suddenly for some reason and he flipped over the handlebars, landing with his face on the asphalt. Suddenly all 4 of the other boys started asking, "Was the chain jammed?" "Did the pedals stick?" and all these questions about the bike and how it happened, while the girls gasped and said, "I bet that hurt!" "Were you okay?" "Did you have to go to the hospital?"

Think we'll ever figure out how to blend the two? Of course, there are reasons for our differences, to help us complete our different responsibilities and are caused by biological differences. It sure leads to big laughs sometimes though.


  1. Most boys I know would have asked to see the scar! Of course, I'm a tom boy and would show it without being asked... Kids are great for a laugh sometimes!

  2. I grew up with all sisters and am now raising two boys. They taunt the snakes and the garden and beg them to come play. Everytime I hear them I can only think about how my sisters and I would have been running away.

    It is good for us to be different. Those same boys wondering about the mechanics of the fall will one day be lifting up special girls when they fall.

  3. OH, this is priceless and points out the differences so well. So true. My little girls don't like to try things that hurt. They play different games and like different things. There are so many differences, those are just a very few. Love how they were so obvious with them though.

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  5. I can totally picture that conversation with the boys and girls. So true to form when it comes to men and women as well :)

  6. I love it! Had a conversation with a friend who said he used to think the gender differences were totally nurture -- until he had kids of his own. They are just born with different wiring!

  7. Perfect illustration of the differences. Too funny.

  8. You are so right; men and women do communicate in a different way. This was so cute; don't you just love children's comments.
    This brought a smile to my face today.
    Blessings to you! LeAnn

  9. So funny. So true.
    This little Primary story would make a great lead in to a talk on men and women, and the differences and value of each.


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