Saturday, April 23, 2011

Justin Williams

2 days of almost non-stop finals studying is tiring. Who knew so much sitting could make you want to sleep? Yesterday I took a break from studying to exercise, but today I exercised this morning before I started studying. So this quick blogging break is allowing me to look away from my textbook. While I am studying, I am listening to lots of music. One of the singers who I'm listening to is Justin Williams. Maybe you've heard of him or even remember him on American Idol auditions. He lives in Sandy, Utah and makes some crazy good music.
"At just 20 year’s old Justin was diagnosed with cancer. With his music career on hold, a humbled and fearless Justin set out to conquer his greatest accomplishment. Over the next several months Justin endured multiple surgeries and months of chemotherapy and today he is happy to say he is cancer free.

Justin’s determination to live has given him the fuel to embark on a journey to inspire those who feel hopeless. In 2009 Justin took his talent to the big stage and competed in the hit TV series American Idol as a Top 60 contestant. In 2010 America’s hearts were opened up once again to Justin during an American Idol feature story on his battle with cancer. Winning over the judges and America’s hearts with his emotionally charged audition, Justin made it to Hollywood Week... Despite an early dismissal from American Idol, Justin describes his experience as one of self-discovery and becoming."

You can check him out at his website or on Facebook (like if you, for some reason, want to see some more photos). He is one of the top 25 contenders to sing at this year's Stadium of Fire. (There were several I already liked on the list to vote for and it was hard to choose just 3. Yep, I voted for him!) So you might be seeing him there if you are one of those lucky people who goes.
I love this song "Lying" and think I'll go back to studying and listening to it.


  1. I haven't found time to vote for the Stadium of Fire hopefuls, but I would LOVE to go to the concert this year. Maybe I can wish my way into winning free tickets!

  2. Great song! Good luck with finals. It will be nice to take a break.

  3. I'll definitely have to look this guy up -- good luck with finals!

  4. Your studying and the stuff you study makes my tired ache!
    You are amazing.
    I'm off to check out the tunes.

  5. Justin helped my daughter's high school madrigal group rehearse last year. They were so impressed with him. Good to see he has a cd out.


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