Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dinner with Awesome Blogger Friends

Women Washing Clothes by a Stream by Daniel Ridgway Knight

We are so blessed with wonderful conveniences that make our lives easier, like washing machines, dishwashers, cars... They are so wonderful, but we also make our lives even busier with other things because those are taken care of. Long ago in America (and still in some countries), women used to meet at the river and wash their clothes, spending the time chatting with neighbors and friends.
Women Washing Clothes by a Stream by Paul-Camille Guigou

As our lives have become more busy, they often become less social on a daily basis. Women need to talk to other women. That isn’t to say we don’t need the wonderful men in our lives, but there is this need too. We love bonding with friends, talking, being understood, supporting, laughing, crying, laughing, eating.
La Seine à Vernon by Daniel Ridgway Knight

We no longer meet at the river, but many of us have found a special way to bond and socialize—blogging. I have loved getting to know unique women through reading their blogs and their comments on my blog. It’s even dearer when you get to meet them in real life. It’s amazing how connected we can feel to other people who may be very different from you and how much you can admire their differences.
Back row: JennyAnn MarieJulieCherieSandra, Tauna,  Kimmie, 
Front Row: Shelia, KarieKeely, Karen, Nicole (with a private blog), Me, (another) Valerie 
Click their names to visit some awesome blogs! We all came together in Salt Lake from different parts of Utah, Idaho and Washington.

I had a great opportunity (thanks to Cherie, who organized it) to meet up with these fellow bloggers for dinner at Biaggi's. Good food and we kept the poor waiters busy.
I have met a few of them before and have been blogger friends with several others for a couple of years. There were a few women whose blogs I hadn’t even read yet. But we all had a great time together laughing, talking, eating, supporting, and more laughing. What a great group of women! And four hours was not enough time to visit with everyone enough. I think we should have played musical chairs to get to sit near other ladies and talk to them more too. I’m already thinking of organizing a get together with other ladies who didn’t get to go to this one, and any who did, but wanna come again. So let me know if you'd like to be included.
One thing I thought was funny is that I am 5'2", so very short, but look at the height of everybody in the group pic up there compared to me. A bunch of not so tall ladies.

I wish I would have taken more pictures. A few people took photos with their camera with me at the end so hopefully I'll get a copy those pics eventually.
This dinner was on Saturday. That week I had two exams. As a matter of fact, I traveled straight from the testing center to the dinner. Because I spent the whole week studying, I didn’t have any time do make everyone a treat, like I would have loved to do. But some other ladies did.
Tauna’s famous chocolate. Kimmie’s cinnamon almonds. Shelia brought these delicious O’Aggie Bars from Logan and Valerie gave us these bright cookies and a pretty coaster she made. So nice! And I found out that if you bite the head off of Tauna’s chocolate covered cinnamon bear and take a bite of Kimmie’s almonds and eat them in the same mouthful, they taste super.

Speaking of the merits of blogger friends, I just read Camille’s fun post at Make It Work Mom (who I have met too) about the same thing so I jump over there if you didn’t already read it: Bloggers are Gross, Obese and Have Halitosis
Of course, I had to steal Cherie's picture since she was the only one to get a silly photo of us all. (Sorry to block you every time, Tauna!!)


  1. Oops! I hit enter too fast! haha

    I loved your pictures.. and agree 100% -- that women need each other!

    I hope next time to have a blogger event at my home.. so it's more intimate... and people can mingle a little more.

    All of the treats were amazing.. just like all of the women! ♥

  2. So glad you got to get out and see everyone! That is essential for your soul. I could almost hear Sister Hinkley in the background "sisters, we need eachother!" :) So, I'm wondering if you might have a recipe for me. I am in dire need of a decadent, rich chocolate cake... except I can't have gluten, dairy, eggs, or sugar. Ha! Probably impossible, but I figured if ANYONE would know how to make it then you would. :)

  3. Coco, I wish I had a recipe. I use way too much sugar and don't do much gf baking. I do have some friends who might have a tried and true recipe though I will get back with you. I would have the same craving if I were you!

  4. Valerie you definately have a special gift. I love the pictures at the top of this post and the words to go with them - Perfect!
    It was SOOO SO GREAT to meet you in person finally!
    It was definately a great night and I hope to go to another one someday.

    You got some really good pictures :-D

  5. That really was a great post. I love the pictures of the women at the river. Sounds wonderful...except for the part of washing all those clothes in water that would get dirty after so many women washing clothes!

    You really did have such a busy week! My goodness! You are still my hero for taking the hard classes you take.

    I thought I was short. It was nice to know I wasn't the only vertically challenged one!

    Musical chairs would have been perfect! I really would have loved to have sat and just visited with everyone.
    YES! I would love to come to another one! Sign me up!

  6. Very cute post. It is so true that we need to visit with other women. I was so glad that you stopped by my blog. Now I have added you to my blog list. So, that I can follow you now.

  7. Love the photo you posted at the top of this post and the way you worded this was PERFECT!! I love your writing style ALOT! I don't even know you, but I have to tell you how much I admire you...I think it is AWESOME that you are studying BioTechnology...what a smart woman you are!

    I love meeting new people and I am just thrilled to get to know you better during the coming year!! Thanks for sharing such FUN photos that really captured the moment perfectly!

  8. How sweet to put a link to my blog in your post! :) What a fun group of ladies! I'll bet you all had a great time!

  9. Isn't it amazing how we connect with other bloggers! So sorry I wasn't there!

  10. How fun! Sorry it took me a few days to respond. Yes, I'd love to meet up with other bloggers! Crazy as life has been, blogging is my sanity and I've sure met some great people out there. Would love to meet you and others, Valerie!

  11. How fun! I am not sure how you managed to squeeze it in your schedule but I am sure you needed a fun night away from tests and responsibilities.


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