Sunday, January 26, 2014

Not Too Far From Here

I heard this song online today and looked it up. I found out that many people have sung it. I'm posting this version because I think it's beautiful and the video has the lyrics, which are a reminder of how we can be what someone needs. There is someone out there who needs just what we can give them with our compassion and love, even if it only takes a minute, but sometimes it might take more. Someone is waiting, maybe next door or down the street, maybe even in our own home. Someone is wishing for a gesture of kindness, a little bit of help, an offer to relieve his burden.

One of my friends helped me to see how important seemingly small things could be. When I was going through a very hard time, she called me, from many states away where she lived, at least once a week to check on me. She was too far away to do much else, but that is what I needed anyway. Her phone calls meant so much to me and helped me through that time so I didn't feel so alone.

We can all do something for someone else. What has someone done that may have seemed small, but meant a lot to you?

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