Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lessons Learned

Update from my son Alexander in the MTC. He said he hasn't taken a single photo since being there, but said he is finally charging his camera and will send me some next week. He sure better!
Alexander and our bishop on the day he was set apart

First of all, to those who were not included in last weeks email, I'm sorry that I hadn't added you to the list. Second, if you know someone that might want weekly emails from me, please send me their addresses; we both thank you for you help.
This week's message is entitled "Lessons Learned," and for good reason. Last Friday, the day after my Preparation day, I contracted the flu, the cold, whatever you want to call it, and as a result of it going to my Larynx, I got Laryngitis. I lost my voice, and couldn't speak at all, unless I really strained to get out a quiet whisper; worse still, I couldn't sing! As a result of my vocal arrest, I needed alternate means of communications, naturally. So imagine my dismay when I realized that I should have taken ASL classes in high school. I only had finger spelling to rely on, and even then I couldn't remember the letter "q" for the life of me; not that it mattered considering the only person in my district who knew any ASL was a Sister missionary, and even then she only knew finger spelling (I say finger spelling, but I'm not too sure if that's the correct term.... oh well!); besides that, I only met two people who knew ASL, and I wasn't going to be able to have any of them tag along with me to interpret what I was saying. Nevertheless, I really wish I had known more ASL because it is a useful thing to know. 
I found out that there are some missions that are encouraged to learn JSL (Japanese Sign Language), so I'm going to commit myself to that as soon as I can! After only a small amount of time being mute, I already have so much more respect for those of us whose only way of communicating is ASL or other sign languages, and I don't want the message I have to share to be limited to my vocal voice; "the sound of a trump" is meant to be heard by every ear, even if that ear happens to be the eyes
Besides not having a voice, I really can't complain about anything. I love it here. I've all but forgotten that Earth is more than just MTC campus and the Provo Temple, and that's not a bad thing for focusing on the work. That being said, I can't say that all of you haven't been on my mind and in my prayers. I wish you all the best, and if God allows something bad to happen, just remember: "it is for thy benefit"*
Love you all with all my heart!
*Disclaimer: This passage of scripture was cited from memory and not with 100% certainty or accuracy. If there be any mistakes, they are the mistakes of men, and not of God.

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  1. Valerie--I'm so excited for you that your son is on a mission! I have been bad about getting around to all my favorite blogs of the past. But I saw your name in a comment on an old post and hopped over here. Sounds like life is great and I can't believe how grown up your girls look and that your son is on a mission! Wow, time flies. Also, you graduated! Congrats! So nice to catch up. (I've been slow/lame with my posts lately, too.) Life happens, right?


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