Monday, October 27, 2014

My 5L3 Enters the MTC

So it's been almost 2 weeks since my son Alexander entered the MTC. I did a pretty good job with keeping it together for the last week or so when I thought I would be sobbing uncontrollably. Well, that is except for when our Stake President asked me to say the prayer at Alex's setting apart. Why would you make the mom speak at all? We got to spend time with family and he let me take more photos than he usually does.
My parents with Alex the night before he left
Before we dropped him off, we stopped at the Provo temple for photos, where almost everyone stops for photos. Lots of people, lots of cameras and lots of hugs and tears all around.


I was checking my email every day, waiting for a letter. On Wednesday, a week after he went in, we received a real letter in the mail, then the next day emails from him. I was so glad to hear from him and was really glad that he said he is getting along well with his companion and other roommates and they are already like family to him.
He started his first Japanese language class on his very first day at the MTC and the teacher didn't speak a word of English. He is definitely going to learn quickly. I thought that it was funny that in his short letter to us, he mentioned that they get BYU Creamery ice cream twice a week. I'm kinda hoping he gains a little bit of weight during his 2 month stay there since he could use it.
In his letter to us, he wrote, "This week seriously feels like it's been a month, if not longer. Time works so differently here in Narnia. I am so excited to fight on Aslan's side, and hope that one day I'll be able to meet such majestic a Lion."
I had thought about starting a new blog just to post his updates, but I decided that I'll just post them here. So here's the email he sent me to share with everyone.
Hello everybody!
I have been enjoying my time so much over here in the MTC! The last week flew by yet it feels like I've been here for a long time. I hear that by the end of your stay at the MTC you feel like you were born here, and I am already starting to feel that way!
Language study is hard, because they do full immersion classes here (everything is spoken in japanese by the teacher, and he only writes the translations of words on the board), but that just means that I can learn the language quicker! I'm so glad I'm used to that kind of learning from my German classes in high school. Even then, I think I know more about Japanese now than I do about German after two years of classes!
As for the spiritual side of things, what isn't there to tell?! All the buildings are dedicated and set apart as holy buildings, so you can feel the spirit strongly everywhere! We have a devotional every Sunday and Tuesday night, and we have some great speakers! And, the choir here is amazing! I love singing in the choir, and I've only done it for two days (practices are Sundays and Tuesdays). This week we sang an arrangement of "Faith of our Fathers". It was so beautiful, and the Music Theory behind the song was cool! (Yay for music nerds! )
I have been so focused on learning what I need to learn that I've all but forgotten the outside world. But that's a good thing, because focus is so important in here! They drive you so hard (my first investigator discussion was on the third day of being here! And in full fledged Japanese too!), but the work was never meant to be easy. Just like Elder Holland said in one of his recent talks.
A quote that has really helped me while I've been here that was shared during my orientation: "There's little growth in a comfort zone, there's little comfort in a growth zone." I've been feeling the growing pains, and I'm guessing that I'll be feeling them my entire life now, but I don't want a different life! Besides, as long as my focus is on the Lord, he'll make it so that I can bear it. He may not take it away right away in his wisdom, but He will help support me if I follow Him.
You guys are always in my heart and in my prayers!
Elder ::::::: (ใกใ‚‡ใ‚)

So that Japanese word right there is Elder, but it looks like 5 and then a cursive capital L and a 3, so now I'm calling Alex "5L3".  I really miss talking to my 5L3, but there is nowhere else I'd rather him be right now, learning and growing and getting ready to teach his brothers and sisters across the world all about our Savior.



  1. Oh you must be sooo proud! Congratulations! Now what mission in Japan is he going to--one of my good friend's son is there now.

  2. BTW, I loved his reference to Narnia--very cool!

  3. I served in Japan (Sendai) too. I picked up some Japanese Sign Language from members while we were there. It seemed every branch I was in had a few members who used it. The Japanese word for elder is "choro" with a slight roll of the r and both o's as long o's. Enjoy every minute of his service. It will be such a blessing for you all.


  4. So awesome! Japan sounds like a grand mission adventure!!


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