Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Great Week

Alex didn't send his regular kind of email since he was able to go have a fun p-day. In his letter to me, he answered a few questions I had.
I am studying in Helaman right now, because our mission president has asked us to read a certain part in preparation for an upcoming meeting we have. In companion study, we have to recite some scriptures by memory in both Japanese and in English, and we read from the missionary handbook for ten minutes each day per our missionary president's request. We also share what we learned in personal study, and prepare for any lessons/go over the day's plans. The language is coming along well, and I actually translate for our recent convert every now and then. It is weird to think that I can think in both languages, and that when I get home none of you will understand Japanese. 
Then his letter to all:
I unfortunately don't have any time to email home to all of you this
week, because the sister missionaries want to do a district p-day
activity, and we need to catch a train in not too long from now, so I
need to get going in a bit.

I can say that this week has been full of stuff, and that I have been
on my feet and working until the moment my head hits the pillow. Thank
you all for your support and love!

The kanji of the week is 牛乳,  pronounced "gyu-nyu" and means milk from a cow.

Love you all from the bottom of my heart, and I pray for you always.


Elder _____

Later he sent these photos with no explanations or even the name of where they went. It looks like it was a good day! He told me that he took the panorama and the video at the end, but the others were from the other missionaries. I'm glad he got them!


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