Monday, July 27, 2015

Training Trainers

Parts of Alex's letter to me:

My companion doesn't speak too much English (although he's learning, and is pretty good at pronunciation for Japanese people). I definitely think that something is different now that I'm the senior companion, and a trainer, but I can't really say what is different. I definitely realize what I'm doing even more now that I know I am the oldest in missionary age in my area. Also, being a trainer really helps you want to do all you can to "raise" a good missionary. I now know why they say that trainers are fathers, and trainees are sons; I definitely feel like a father raising a child. In a good way.

It is a bit different with just two people, but I have to say that it's not as weird as I thought it would be. We both cook, but Elder T.loves cooking, so he does it a lot of the time. If you're looking for some good food to try, then some things we eat here just about every week are: "Mabodofu," and "yakisoba." I don't know what their English counterparts are, but I think you can find them that way. If anything I can thing as far as food is missed, pizza is very different here. But I'll live.
There are not any members here that speak English... We should be starting to use facebook sometime in the near future. We are told not to use it as a place to post p-day pictures, as well as to avoid "non-missionary discussions" on our pages. So, if there is anybody who wants to still know what I'm doing from those who read my Facebook page, they'll need my email, and I'll need theirs. But I don't know when that change will come. 
Alex's letter to everyone:
A plant at the mission home that Alex thought was pretty
This week has been full of cool experiences, and even some new
experiences. I don't think there will be a day while I'm still alive
that will not have at least one surprise in it. Through faith in Jesus
Christ, and obedience to His gospel, all those surprises will end up
for my eternal welfare, as well as those that I know.

The Kanji of the week is: 救いの計画 (which is actually a phrase),
pronounced "schoo-ee-no-kay-caw-coo" and means "Plan of Salvation."

This week went as follows:

Monday, we didn't do too much during the day, and spent most of it
relaxing. In the evening we went to a festival with friends and
members as a final "hurrah" for the three missionaries who were

Tuesday, Elder B. and I rode a bus all the way to Sendai (a four
and a half hour bus ride). We had a bit of time, so we ate, and walked
around for a bit before we caught a different bus to the mission home.
At the mission home, all those who were becoming trainers for their
first time went to a meeting to learn how to train new missionaries.
It was a good experience.
Decisions, decisions! Pork uterus or pork intestines for dinner
Wednesday, we both took a bus up to a city called Morioka, and there
met our new companions. Elder T. and I then caught a bus back
up to Hachinohe. When we arrived, I quickly prepared a lesson, and
taught an on the spot English lesson for all our students. It went
better than I expected.

Thursday, all of our data from the previous transfers (as far as
scheduling goes) was erased, because Hachinohe went down to a two
elder zone. I don't remember too much about that day, but we did
stuff, I'm sure.

Friday was spent all day in weekly planning. As we are combining two
companionships into one, we had to figure out all the stuff we needed
to do without our previous plans written down. It was an adventure,
and I'm glad we got it all out of the way.

Saturday we housed a bit, and then tried to do some streeting. Where
we planned on streeting didn't have too many people on the streets, so
we decided to try and hang up some posters. After that, we housed some
more. Eventually time came, and we went to the church and had English
class again. It was fun, and more prepared of a lesson than on

The raw horse meat that Alex talked about eating last week

Sunday we had fun at church. As with every week, we got to partake of
the sacrament, and I am ever grateful for that opportunity. As I am
the only elder that speaks English, I spent all three hours
translating for the recent convert who doesn't know Japanese. It was
an adventure, and good practice. After church, we had sign language
class, and then went home and did all our studies.

I hope that you all have a great week, and that you can all feel the
influence of God in your lives. I love you all!


Elder _________


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