Monday, July 6, 2015

Yet Another Week

Alex didn't take photos again, but since I bugged him so much, he sent me a couple that he said someone else took. Glad to get some this week.

Parts of Alex's letter to me:

Futons aren't really that uncomfortable to me. I like them, and quite honestly might consider getting some when I come back to America. We have bunk beds here in Hachinohe, and those are a bit uncomfortable, but that's because the futons don't fit correctly, and I'm too long for the bed frame. But it's fine, because it isn't really that bad.

I think I'm pretty close to a lot of the people here, both member and non-member. We have fun together, and are good friends. In this mission at least, the members have what is called a fruit basket where members can donate food, toiletries, or anything they think the missionaries might need. Also, some of the members have us over for dinner from time to time.

This week's letter:

When you have a plan for every week, for every day, and for every
hour, time flies by so quickly. At the same time, that time isn't
wasted because you have worthwhile activities planned for every waking

The Kanji of the week is: 手紙 pronounced "te-ga-mi" and means letter
(as in a written letter).

Monday was laid back, and we didn't do too much but rest during the
day. In the evening we had a practice lesson with the branch
president, and that was fun. He was a really good fake investigator.
After that we went and handed out English class fliers for a bit.
While there, we actually ran into a friend of a
non-member-but-basically-is-a-member, and talked to her for just a
minute. She had gotten a Book of Mormon from said friend, and said
that she wants to read it once she has the time.

Tuesday we had district meeting in the morning, followed by us trying
to find an old investigator. It took us a while to get to the area,
and a bit more time to actually find the house. We got lost a couple
of times and asked directions a few times as well. Eventually we found
it, and the guy said that he had no interest. So, we housed around the
area for a bit, and after that headed to visit two people. Neither of
them were home. After that we met the other two missionaries and went
to hand out some more English class fliers. That didn't take too much
time, and after that we went to the church and met a member there. We
then hopped into his car and drove to a different member's house to
give her brother some presents for his birthday. Her family aren't
members, but they are super nice, and I'm glad they let their daughter
choose to get baptized. That didn't take too much time though, and the
member surprised us (or at least me) by taking us out to eat.

KFC has fries instead of potato wedges in Japan. In Ecuador, they had yummy rolls instead of dry biscuits.

Wednesday we had seminary in the morning followed by studies and sign
language class. It was a fun class, because we also had lunch
together, and it was a review/ game day. When that ended we had a
practice lesson with a member, and that went well. After we finished
with that lesson, we quickly went home and ate dinner before coming
back to the church and prepping and having English class. It was fun
and I love the students who come.

Thursday we went and got stuff to fix our English class sign, and did
that quickly. The majority of the rest of the day was spent picking
weeds out of the cracks in the parking lot at the church. My mother
will be very happy to hear that I am using that skill on my mission as
well :) We then ate dinner and had a meeting to try and improve our
English class. After that meeting, we went and joined the members who
were at institute for the rest of the night.

Friday we had interviews in the morning with our mission president,
President Smith. He is a great guy and I love how devoted he is to
Christ and to the gospel. When we weren't in an interview with him, we
were with his wife, Sister Smith. There is never a dull conversation
with her, and I love her so much. She's a good person. After that we
went to an all you can eat sushi place, and that was delicious (forgot
to take pictures of that, oops!). We then spent the rest of the day
making subtitles for a video we wanted to show in family home evening
that night that didn't come in Japanese. We got the video translated,
but we didn't get it onto the video, so we just printed out the
translation and went and had the Family Home Evening at the church. It
was tons of fun, and the snacks and games were great!

Saturday was weekly planning followed by DCS followed by English
Class. That time there were a lot more people than normal that came,
and it was great. We also had fun with the students afterwards, and
had a great time. That's all that happened that day though.

Sunday we went to church, and I had to translate again for sacrament
meeting. It was a bit easier for the most part, because people were
giving their testimonies. At the last hour of church, we also gave a
lesson on the Preach My Gospel book. That was good, and I hope the
members learned something from it. After church we went back home, did
our studies, and then had dinner. After dinner we went and tried to
visit some people. The first person wasn't home, and we think that he
might have moved. The second person was home, and we got to talk to
him for a while. He was repairing a 40 year old engine for a
motorcycle, and we talked to him while he did that. It was good, and
he said that we could come and talk to him again next week if he's

That's my week in a very big nut shell! I hope you enjoy reading it,
and that you get something out of it! I love you all, and pray that
you're all doing well.


Elder ____


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  1. He looks like he's having such a good time. Nothing like a missionary smile to make mom's day!


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