Monday, February 8, 2016

Utah Local: Foreign Figures

It's been forever since I posted a local music post. Today I'm introducing you to an awesomely talented group who I've been following for a while now, even before they were called Foreign Figures. They have changed names and have had some changes in people in the band, but they've always been great.

The lead singer is Eric Michels and his brother Steve Michels is the drummer. Seth Dunshee is on bass and Jonny Tanner on guitar. They are talented musicians, singers, songwriters and good friends. They also all happen to be returned missionaries from Orem, Utah.

They say, " Foreign Figures has a unique melodic sound that doesn’t hold to any specific genre. Their influences range from alternative rock to R&B."    The first time I watched them, Imagine Dragons came to mind, but they have their own sound.
Photo Cred: Jake Grey 

The second time I saw them perform, I was sitting in Velour and Eric and Steve's mom just happened to sit next to me. She was obviously very proud of them and pointed out how both of her sons have been lead vocal in different bands and they both write songs.

All of them are so full of energy and they just explode on stage! It's really fun to watch and to listen to. They seriously perform like they're already a world famous band and I bet one day soon they will be. You can follow them on Facebook and check them out on their Website so you don't miss anything along their path to stardom and for info on buying their music and merch.

They've already won competitions like BYU's Battle of the Bands, The Stereo Room's Battle of the Bands and KSL’s Garage to Glory contest. Take a look below at two of their videos and the third is the music of their newly released single. The music is great and the videos are stunning. If you like them, please share on Facebook or wherever because they deserve way more views than they have. Can you tell that I'm a fan?? 

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