Monday, May 16, 2016


Apparently there was a baptism before his transfer, although Alex didn't get to perform it I assume since he's not the one in 
white baptismal clothes. Baptisms are very rare there so I'm glad he sent photos, but he didn't say a single thing about it.

In his new area of Odate, there is only one Melchizedek priesthood holder and he is the branch president. Alex is the second 
counselor in the branch presidency so he's getting some cool new experiences there I'm sure. 

I asked about his new companion and he gave me the info below and even included his birthday. Finally he tells me that before 
I have to ask. I always ask. 

Elder S. came in at the same time as Elder A. Both his parents are
Japanese, and He was born in Sapporo, where he lived for three years. 
Then they moved to Provo for schooling, and then from there to Chicago, 
where he grew up. He knows both languages fluently. He loves anime, and 
especially reading Japanese comics. We have a lot in common, and get 
along very well. He's an extremely hard worker.
I told Alex that I felt bad that for his graduation trip, we only went to Canada (although we loved it!) while we're going 
to Australia for Elisa's graduation trip. I did mention how he is living in Japan, his dream trip, even though he isn't a 
tourist. This was his reply:
I can't be mad that you're going to Australia for her trip, because 
you're paying a lot more for me to be in Japan, and I feel like it's a 
better deal. I get to draw closer to Christ--and help others to do the 
same--in the Land of the Rising Sun. What else could I ask for? I hope 
you have fun in Australia. For the time that you're in Brisbane, you'll 
be in the same time zone as I am, I believe. That will be weird! 
I'm not sure who this missionary is. It's probably one of the missionaries who lived in his apartment.
Pretty, but I don't know the name of this place.

This is Alex with his former companion.
Letter to everyone:

Too much to write about in a short time. I got a new area, with a new
companion: Elder S. The area is called Odate, and is famous for a
breed of dog called Akita. They're all over Japan, but especially here
in Odate (and maybe the entire prefecture).
I had the hardest week ever in terms of work goes, but as I continued
to push myself to do that which God wanted me to, I saw many
blessings. Odate is a great city!
My scripture of the week is a scripture mastery from the Old
Testamant, but for time's sake, I am not going to attach it.
Kanji of the week is: 大館 pronounced "oh-dah-te" and is the name of the
city where I am serving now. It literally means big mansion.
For time's sake, I am not including a play by play, but I want you all
to know that God lives and that he is active in this work. He gives to
those who seek and keep is commandments.
Love you all!
The pie and the Polaroid pic in the next pic are going away gifts from a recent convert before Alex left Aizu.

 He had a good time visiting a glass museum and took LOTS of pics. I was glad to see 
that he went to a museum and the lake or whatever those other beautiful photos are of since his p-days 
are often just shopping and stay at home. 

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