Monday, May 9, 2016

Transfer to Odate

Alex didn't send a mass email yesterday since we had a Skype call. 

He looked great and it was fun to talk with him, even though it was the shortest Skype call we've had with him the whole time he's been gone. It was just half an hour. It's our last Skype call before he comes home at the end of October. 
I thought we would have more time so I was waiting to take more pics toward the end, but this is the only good one I got when I snapped a few quickly at the beginning. 

He mentioned that he's transferring to Odate, back up north. There are very few Melchizedek priesthood holders in the branch there so the missionaries are in the branch presidency. Since he didn't send any photos, I found some online of this new area. 

There is a museum dedicated to the Akita dog, considered a national treasure according to things I read. There are many dog statues around the town and the man hole covers have a dog on them.

Then there's this dome that was built so that the heavy snows and strong rains would not disturb their baseball games and other events held inside.

Below is just a train station.
 And it looks like there are many public baths and spas in Odate.
I hope he sends some photos of his area next week.

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