Monday, July 11, 2016

Finding Energy

Alex told me in his letter to me that he'd try to write more in the group email, but he didn't, as you can see. So I added a little of his email to me here. 

I think that you will get more information on the itinerary when I am about one month from coming home. I got a letter about it, and I think that's when it said that parents get notified.

When I come back home, I definitely want to keep up the habits that I have made. I have really found the blessings from living the lifestyle I live as a missionary. I can't say that everything will stay the exact same, but the principles I want to keep. The same goes with finding an eternal companion. Since coming on my mission, I have really found the importance of making church and religion the center of relationships from the beginning. If someone doesn't have the same values as I do, or the same devotion to God and His church, then I wouldn't want to break my covenants and promises with God just for temporal satisfaction.

To say that missionary work is all play and no work would be lying.
And with all real work, it's more often than not really hard. But as
we thrust in our sickles with our might, we often find that we have
lost all our energy when the sun has yet to reach its peak. At times
like this, we can, through prayer, plead to our Father in Heaven to
give us the energy we need. And before we know it, as we lift our
sickle, we are surprised to find that we have that energy. I know that
this is not real just for missionaries, but for all of us. Please,
rely on God's power, and find what you may lack in God's unquenchable
source of love and life.

Kanji of the week is: 管理 pronounced "kan-ri" and means management.

This week was again full of amazing miracles and lots of work. I am so
grateful to be a missionary seeing the gospel change others for the
better. Once again, I don't know exactly what I want to share from
what day, but this week was great. Time really seems slow as you are
going from minute to minute, hour to hour, but once you look back, you
are surprised to see how fast you've traveled! I hope you all make the
most of the time you have on the Earth!


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