Monday, July 25, 2016

What? 2 Tranfsers, 3 months?

I didn't post Alex's letter last week so I'll post it along with his letter from yesterday.

July 17 to Everyone:
We once again find ourselves at the time when Elder Mendoza has no
time to write back home because of a district p-day. Things are great
here. We are seeing miracles daily, and I am truly glad to be on a
mission serving my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Kanji of the week is: 歯磨き pronounced "ha-mi-ga-key" and means brushing
your teeth.

I hope you all have a fun time, and I will send emails to individuals
if I find the time. If not, know that I love you all, and that I am
praying for your well being.



I spy something that shouldn't exist in this picture. Do you see it? 

Okonomiyaki, a very Japanese food. It tastes good. 

Tonkatau (deep fried pork) with chocolate in the middle. It's actually really good.

July 25 to Everyone:
This week was really tough and tiring, but I was able to find strength
through relying on the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus
Christ, and was able to bless other people's lives because of it.

I would like to get back into ponderizing scriptures, but since I
haven't picked one out for this week, I'll begin again next week.

Kanji of the week is: 電波 pronounced "den-pa" and means electric wave(s).

Monday was crazy, because the district all tried to climb a mountain,
and ended up climbing the wrong one! It was a good view still, but not
the one we meant to climb. We got a picture with the one we meant to
climb behind us, so I'll include that in the bottom.

Tuesday was splits, and we did a lot of walking around, because we all
four did splits in Odate, but only two bikes to work with. We got some
good conversations in, and even found a really nice family!

Wednesday we did our usual routine of going to a less active's house,
followed by an investigator's house where we had a really good lesson,
and then went to Brother Hasebe's house for family home evening with
him. Then we had English class, where we talked about the body. It was
great, because there is a guy who comes who is a surgeon and is good
at English, so we were able to get into some deep talk about the body.
Elder Sato didn't seem to like it too much though.

Thursday was mostly planning, and a lesson at night with a member's
grandson. Not much but that.

Friday was Zone Conference, and it was great as always! We were able
to learn a lot, and my companion was so great by translating for 7
hours almost straight! And he still had a voice the next day!

Saturday was a normal day. That being said, I don't remember too much
about it. We had fun, and were able to have some interesting
conversations with people. At night, no one came to English class,
despite hoping that some of them would just be late.

Sunday was a good day filled with finding and an awesome lesson with
an investigator. He has a lot of knowledge of the church, and the
doctrine, but he's starting to piece it all together to make sense of
it, and he's seeing the need to become a member through baptism for
the remission of sins. He's so close, and I hope that he can start
coming to church on Sunday's.

That's my week, and what a long time it's been since I've written this
much!  I hope you all have a great week! I love you all and pray that
you will be safe.



This place has two doors! I wonder if that means this place gets a lot of snow.

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  1. He seems so happy and is doing so well. Wow, he's a handsome missionary. You have to be so proud. I love his translations.


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