Saturday, November 1, 2008

Smart & Cute!

Halloween is over and the kids have tons of candy. They never eat it all. They found some candy in their bags from last year. Sad! The girls had a parade at school so I went and saw them there. Alexander can't wear a costume to school in junior high and they didn't have parties. He said the teachers weren't even allowed to give them candy. The pains of growing up!
In the evening, we went trick-or-treating and then to a party at the church.
Ninja Alex's friend (the BYU fan) came trick-or-treating with us and Elisa left to go with her friends. Then we met up at the church. Sabrina changed into an old costume after school. Can you tell she put on her own lipstick???
My 3 cuties all got their report cards and they all got a 4.0! Well, they don't really call it that in elementary, but they all got the best grades they could in their classes. Elementary doesn't use A's so I can't say straight A's either. I guess they deserve a reward of some kind. I better think of something.
Since I'm their mommy (Sabrina still calls me mommy at least, instead of mom), I think they are so smart and talented that they could do anything they wanted to. Unfortunately, Alexander went from wanting to be an engineer at Boeing to wanting to be a video game tester. Hopefully he has a few years to outgrow that one!!!


  1. It's true, they are smart and cute! Did they have fun trick or treating?

  2. They had a lot of fun and I was so glad that the weather was wonderful this year!!!


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