Thursday, July 29, 2010

Plans Spoiled!

Well, it was a good idea, but the weather didn't cooperate. Since Elisa is at camp, I decided to take Alex and Sabrina to Sundance for a trip on the lift. Elisa hates heights and has told me before that she wouldn't go. Unfortunately, although the cloud cover and wind made it feel wonderful up there, the possible lightning forced them to shut down the lift even though it wasn't raining.
They kept telling us to come back and check in half an hour to see if they would start up. So we walked around, looking at all the pretty nature sights and taking photos.
I got some great shots of the kids!
Alex and I were sitting on a rock, but Alex says it looks like he's sitting on my lap here. Hehe!
After a while, we went into the deli where Alex got a peanut butter shake and I got a Summertime Bliss smoothie. Sabrina, our very picky eater, didn't like anything, but I had already planned on that and had brought a KitKat that she ate happily while we enjoyed our treat.
Alex's shake blends in with his khaki pants.
My smoothie has coconut, pineapple, strawberries, white chocolate and strawberry ice cream. It was yummmmmmmy!

We hung out inside the general store for a while.
Then after a couple of hours, it became obvious that since it was getting cloudier instead of clearer, we wouldn't be able to go on the lift.
Sabrina was VERY disappointed and I felt bad for her.

We'll have to go back and try again some day soon when Elisa is spending the day with a friend. Even though we didn't get to go up on the lift, it was really fun and so beautiful.


  1. Doesn't look like too spoiled of a moment! Wow, what beautiful pictures.
    Your kids are very cute.

  2. Alex's egs are a mile long...and it makes Sabrina look even tinier. I'm sorry you weren't able to go on the lift. :o( But it is beautiful there anyway. I guess Elisa comes back from camp tomorrow...anything planned for today?

  3. Too bad! I hope you can go back soon and enjoy the ride.

  4. Every time I pass the road going up to Sundance, I think about how pretty it is up there and want to go up that way. I'm always in the state car, though, so I don't dare. You really got some great shots of the kids and you. Your smoothie sounds absolutely yummy! Alex is so tall! Really looks fun, and I hope someday you will get to go again and actually ride the lift!

  5. Looks like you had a great day anyway just enjoying the beautiful surroundings! Great pictures.

  6. your hair looks great in these pictures, btw.
    and the shots you got are fantastic!
    unavailable lift aside, looks like it was a nice adventure. =)

  7. Still looks like you had a great time! Love the pictures!

  8. Aww :( I'm sorry it didn't work out with the lift. You look REALLY good, by the way! And it looks like you got some beautiful pics!

  9. Lots of fun photos! And I have to say, it does kind of look like Alex is sitting on your lap in that one picture. ;)


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