Monday, February 28, 2011


I finished 3 tests, turned in my scholarship essays, finished my federal financial aid application, got my car fixed and renewed the registration, my faucet is fixed and water back on (THANKS to my dad, Alexander and my neighbor Andy!), my electric back on after being off for almost 12 hours since I thought it was a blackout from the storm, but it was just my main electric thingy on my house and I didn't know how to flip it or whatever (I am learning slllloooowly how to do a few things around the house). I did laundry and house cleaning. I still have 3 quizzes and 4 assignments this week, but I am still taking a couple of minutes to post again.

I am afraid that people will think that my pondering blog has turned into a music blog after some of my latest posts and now this, but I've always had lots of stuff besides my attempts at pondering (and attempts at putting my ponderings into words someone would understand). I've had Utah Local info, recipes galore, family photos, and whatever random thing caught my attention online.

After my divorce, I went to a therapist a few times and he advised me to start a few new hobbies. I was thrown into a whole new world and have full-time school so I couldn't imagine how I'd have time for a hobby. Well, I found something that isn't exactly a hobby, but it makes me happy and doesn't take much time---listening to music, finding new music I like, and even going to local (cheap) concerts. Did ya' notice? So I have this big, new collection of artists I love and wanna share I'm gonna. I probably will usually just add a song to the end of a post or maybe just the songs themselves without any commentary from me when I don't have time. I know everybody has different taste in music so it's okay if none of my readers like them. I like a strange mixture of different kinds of music, so be prepared.

I like Pandora and Slacker, but I especially like Reverbnation. Okay, I LLLLOOOOVVVE it! You can browse different kinds of music and my favorite thing is that they have local and indie artists on there. You would not believe how much great talent there is floating around out there in Utah and probably wherever you live too if you aren't here.
Here is one group from Pleasant Grove (a city in Utah County, not too far from BYU for those readers not from Utah) that I have on my favorites-- j.wride. They only have three full songs here (with previews of others on their CD), but I listen to all three of them lots. "Lifeboat" is my favorite. They'll be playing at Kilby Court on March 17th in SLC for anyone interested and local.
They just released a CD, although I don't see where you can buy it anywhere except on their release tour right now, but it will be on iTunes the beginning of April. Happy listening. I'm listening to it right now...


  1. So glad that you have found something you love. There is nothing wrong with music that is uplifting and makes you feel good. I hope all is well, and am glad you are busy and happy. You will learn all the house things you need to know, and if you are in trouble, remember home teachers are pretty amazing!!

  2. That's alot to have to learn.......not just school, but house.
    Maybe they should teach a House 101 or something. Sounds like you have some good support.

    Cool that you love music, it soothes and sometimes touches you when nothing else does.

    Good for you with your school assignments. You are plowing your way through. You are my hero.

  3. I really like what I'm hearing. Music is so powerful and can be such a comfort and friend. You are amazing. You are my hero, too. :)

  4. How is someone as amazing as you becoming more amazing? I didn't think you could get any more amazing.

  5. You do SO much! I admire single moms, especially those who go to school!
    Music is a great outlet. Thanks for sharing these musical clips.

  6. What nice friends I have! All I do is post music and I get compliments. :) You'd think I made the music myself. hehe

  7. Sounds like you had a super productive week...and I bet you have much less stress now that some of that stuff was taken care of! Glad you're finding so much music you like.


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