Friday, March 4, 2011


I have three items to share with you that are completely unrelated except that they were all in a newspaper or a magazine.

The Springville Museum of Art has a Community and Family the first Monday of every month. They have an artist come speak about his/her art, then some sort of entertainment and they finish with an art project for the children. Last month instead of making art, the project was a scavenger hunt. I let Elisa and Sabrina each bring a friend. When the scavenger hunt started, Alex went one way, Elisa and Crysta went another way and I was walking around helping Sabrina and Abby with the hunt. We had been searching for a little while when a guy with a camera came up to me and introduced himself as a photographer for a local newspaper. He asked if he could follow us around and take photos of the girls. I told him he could. I thought he'd take a few photos and be done, but he followed us around for about half an hour, snapping tons of photos while we finished the hunt. I stayed back as much as I could to not be in a photo. The girls had two photos in the paper and they felt so famous.
Sabrina is in the striped shirt and her friend Abby is in the solid green shirt. I guess the other kids should have stuck with me and they'd have been famous too. 
A different day Alexander, Sabrina and I went to BYU to see The Face of Autism photography exhibit by Abby Alger. We went to see my nephew Avi's photos that were included.
We looked around at the different photos taken of the daily life of different autistic children and their families.
Pretty quickly we spotted the first one of Avi. He loves to be upside down. He's pretty good at it too!
Then we were surprised by this photo of Avi and my brother Jared. He hadn't told me that he was included in it. My beautiful sister-in-law and their other son Itai (who is not autistic) were not included in any of the photos, but they are super-stars too. I can't tell you in words what a wonderful family they are!
Finally, Alexander and I went to see my talented friend Elizabeth's art in an artist reception where a group she belongs to, Big Eyed Women, had an exhibit. Lots of great art to see and it was nice that it was so crowded!

I'd like to introduce you to Nicole Shehan, even though I don't actually know her. I've only heard her music online. She taught herself the guitar and the piano and composes her own songs. On one site she said she's a pop/inspirational singer and on another she describes her genre as Christian/indie/pop. My favorites are "Just to Be", "Invisible Facts" and "Handshake". (You gotta listen to those once at least!)  If you click on this link "Why I Believe", you can watch a beautiful video of Nicole singing and playing the piano, mixed with Liz Lemon Swindle paintings.


  1. she's awesome! congrats to the girls, too, for being such celebrities. :D that's so cool!
    art museums are such magical places, for sure.

  2. So cool! I saw the article online of the girls at the museum. I bet Sabrina thought that was so cool! I forgot all about the Autism one...that would have been cool to see. Here's a question for you, since you've used the word before...what's indie mean?

  3. It looks like the kids had a good time.
    I love the art.
    So awesome that your nephew could be featured on something so critically important as autism. They look like a beautiful family.

    Cute picture of the girls. Very intent expressions.

  4. Tiff, it means an artist who isn't signed onto a major label, so "independent". But it also can mean a genre of music and I don't know exactly how they describe or catagorize it. I've seen indie pop and indie rock. To me, it seems like a type of music that is a bit unique from the typical pop or rock they play on the radio, but I dunno. I'm not cool enough to get it. :)

  5. Oh Valerie, I love it. This is just the kind of thing that I like to do too!!

  6. How cool that your girls were in the paper! I just went to an art show at the U today. So much of the art speaks to the soul.


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