Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Welcome to the World of the 95ers!

I am surrounded by people who are so amazing—artists, authors, actors, musicians, movie makers, and so much more. Creativity and talent just oooooooze around me and I wish it was all contagious. Even though it’s not, I can still enjoy all of the awesomeness! And of course I get to share it with all of you.

I remember years ago when my new neighbors, Ali and Tom Durham, moved in, Tom talked about a movie he wanted to make. Guess what!?! It took lots and lots of work, money and a few years, but he has made it and it features his wife Ali (who has been in other movies like The Singles Ward and Life is Ruff). It is the first in an intense series of sci-fi movies to come, so you are lucky you get to learn about it all from the beginning. Awesome story, great effects, and of course, wonderful acting. CHILLS!!!!
The movie is in post-production so they are putting finishing touches on everything (which isn’t fast or easy) and will have a premiere (currently scheduled for June) which Ali said any of you can attend! So stay tuned for more info, or even better, LIKE them on Facebook  and keep up at  . You can even donate (and get fun rewards). I really know nothing about the film industry, but they are going to some sci-fi conventions and film festivals and are looking for someone to snatch it up (buy it) so it can be at the theaters and I can't wait!

It’s fun that not only do I know one of the screen writers/movie makers and the lead actress, but I know 24 of the people on the cast list from our neighborhood and church. FUN!! One of them is Clark Schaffer who has done special effects and model making for lots of big movies, most recently Iron Man II.

Storyline: "Special Agent Sally Biggs has a secret. She can rewind time--a few seconds--whenever she wants. It's enough to make her a celebrity at the FBI and control almost everything in her life. But deep down, she's afraid of the pain that comes from the things no one can control. Her worst fears are realized when her scientist husband disappears mysteriously. Paranormal apparitions begin to surround her. Strangers with terrifying technologies know her secret, and want her dead. Her only clue is her husband's ghost--who she follows onto a battlefield she never knew existed. She must discover the awesome truth that ties all the mysteries together, before the fabric of her being--and the ones she loves most--fade out of reality."
Once you see this trailer, you are gonna wanna see it on the big screen!

95ers:ECHOES trailer 01 from Space Ace on Vimeo.


  1. Oh Valerie, it looks so fun! It is always interseting to me to see how people start out.

  2. It looks intense! You're right, now I want to see it on the big screen!

  3. that's AWESOME! i love having talented neighbors. its so exciting to watch them fulfill their dreams. :)
    our neighbors, two doors down from us when we were in rexburg, made this movie:
    i'm even in it! my voice, that is. :D i'm the radio announcer IN the convenience store! (monkeybite radio, baby!)

    anyhow, thanks for the mad-props on our RS dinner the other night. it was even MORE amazing in person than in the report i gave on the blog. :)

    luv ya! ::hugs::

  4. How cool! Still not sure what it's about... Is that going to be shown everywhere, or just in UT?

  5. Sorry, Tiff. I forgot to include the summary. Thanks for reminding me. :) I'm sure it just depends on who buys it. If someone big buys it, it'll be all over. Sure hope so!


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