Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weekend Full of Free Music

Over the weekend I went to 2 different music shows and loved them!

On Friday, I went to Central Utah Gardens in Orem.
One of the singers was April Meservy, who is also a songwriter and producer and I've seen her play the guitar and the keyboard. She has even won 5 Pearl awards. Her music is soft and soulful. She sang The Light that is on the 2004 EFY album, so you might have heard of her. I just gotta say that she is so kind and friendly. We just happened to be sitting in the front row and she came and sat at the end, next to Alex. She recognized me just from a comment I left on her Facebook page and she introduced herself and after the show she emailed me to thank me for coming. I thought that was really nice since I wanted to be there and had a great time listening to her sharing her talents.

This video below was on YouTube and is from the house concert where I saw her perform last year. This one makes me cry it's so sweet.

Catherine Papworth, another fun singer/songwriter, also performed on Friday. I had already heard some of her music online and "liked" her on Facebook, but I don't think I ever saw her perform before that. She was in Noteworthy, the female a cappella group at BYU and later was the director of it and produced for them. She had the song He'll Answer Back on the 2012 EFY album. She seemed very down to earth.

Then Saturday I went to Rock the River Battle of the Bands at Provo's Shops at the Riverwoods where the music was just as great, but had a different vibe. Definitely faster and louder. And we even got to dance while the judges were deliberating on the winner at the end. I'll just tell you about my two favorites of the night.

The Blue Aces seriously KNOCKED me off my feet with how good they are and how natural they seem to be up on stage rocking it in front of a crowd, especially since it's a girl band from Orem with one 14-year old and three 16-year olds! They write their own original music and are lots of fun!!!

Yesterday I looked them up online and found out that they were on Good Things Utah. Pretty cool, huh?

The New Electric Sound, who call themselves a retro surf rock band, seemed like they were having lots of fun on stage. They used the old-time microphones and wore cardigans, looking retro from the 50's and 60's. They were the winners of the whole battle and had lots of fans out there that night. The lead singer, Scott, used to be in a rap group and they sang one song that had a rap part in it that made the crowd go wild.


  1. Looks like fun! glad you were able to enjoy some free music!

  2. I just wanted to thank you for sharing about all the music you're listening to and loving. I hadn't taken the time before today to sit and listen. But, lately my kids have been wanting to listen to more fun stuff, and I've been at a loss as to where to look to find something where I don't care if my 10-year old sings along. You've shared so many great resources in your posts. I look forward to discovering more.

  3. I am glad you shared some new music with me. I am always looking for good music to listen to.


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