Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tomato Balsamic Ravioli

Last week I started classes and my longer internship hours and after a long day of that, I had visiting teaching appointments. When I got home at 7:30, my daughter Sabrina asked if we could order pizza since they were hungry. I was happy to have this meal planned, knowing that it was so quick and easy. The recipe is from Dinners, Dishes and Desserts. I used a chicken and spinach ravioli, but you can use whatever kind you like. It was so good that night and then reheated the next day too.

When we were at the store buying groceries for the week and I picked up the refrigerated raviloi, Elisa asked me why I didn't just make my own ravioli. Yeah, I have time to make fresh pasta right now. Crazy girl. She's used to eating just about everything from scratch, but this still tasted great and it will save me from having to order pizza on another busy night sometime.

Tomato Balsamic Ravioli
1 (14-oz) can petite diced tomatoes
1 large tomato, diced
¼ c. red onion, diced
1 T. olive oil
2 T. balsamic vinegar
¼ t. salt
¼ t. black pepper
12 oz. refrigerated ravioli
2 T. fresh basil, chopped
Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the can of diced tomatoes and onion. Saute for 5-7 minutes. Meanwhile, cook ravioli according to the package directions.
Add balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to the tomatoes. Stir in the fresh diced tomato. Cook for 5 minutes. Toss cooked ravioli with the tomato mixture. Serve with fresh basil, and top with Parmesan cheese, if desired.

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