Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lazy Day Workout Videos Part 2

All the way back in April, I did a post called Lazy Day Workout Videos Part 1, but I hadn't done a Part 2. Yesterday I decided to try a new workout on YouTube and quickly found one of many workout videos by Cassey Ho on her channel Blogilates. I did 4 different "6 Minute" sculpting workouts, which I am posting here, but she has lots of different workouts on her channel and also videos about healthy eating, etc. 

I think the original name of the blog post "Lazy Day Workout Videos" isn't very accurate, even though none of these 4 require shoes. These are short videos, but they are pretty intense. I have so far only done them yesterday and today and I can already feel a bit more muscle under my flab. 

This requires no weights, but don't let that fool you. Your arms will burn! Kinda reminds me of the arm exercises my dad would do with us kids when he was in the army. "Keep your arms up."

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