Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Stage Name in Progress

My daughter Elisa has loved singing for years and has taught herself how to play guitar (and then took a class in school which she said was too beginning for her) and is starting to learn piano. She wants to blend all of that to major in vocal performance in college next year and then on to her dream of fame by being a singer. Not just any singer, but a singer who everyone knows her name....only she doesn't know her name yet. Her stage name at least. She doesn't want to use her real name, but nothing has jumped out at her yet.

I've been encouraging (or pushing) her to perform at an open mic night locally, but she hasn't done that yet. I've also been encouraging her to make some new videos and she finally did!! Yeah! This is her first solo singing video and the first where she is playing the guitar. She writes her own songs I in my slightly biased, but still legitimate opinion, they are amazing----AMAZING! So far she only wants to do covers for her videos, and she's working on her second video now. Hopefully she'll start adding her own music too. If you know her, you should encourage her to do that.

If you like it, she would be so excited if you subscribe to her channel Elisa G Music, like it, share, comment--- any or all of those!

Crysta, Elisa's best friend growing up, used to sing all the time with her. Crysta is also a very talented piano player and guitar player, which go along with her beautiful voice. They sang in a competition together and although they didn't win first place, they did win a trophy and time in a recording studio. That really spurred Elisa on getting to have so much fun (and lots of work) in a studio. Even though these are 3 years old and some are blurry, I want to share Elisa's earlier videos she made with Crysta on their old YouTube channel. Someday when she's famous these will be golden. Hehe

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  1. She is so talented! I am excited to hear more from her.... especially her original stuff!


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