Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Full Circles

No pics from Alex this week. We get to Skype on Christmas, but he didn't have any info on what time yet. He did say that he's glad he'll be staying in Furukawa.

This week has been a hard, but rewarding week. I am so grateful that
God answers prayers, and softens hears, and changes ordinary people
into amazing tools in His hands. 

This week I'm going to ponderize Mathew 10:20 "For it is not ye that
speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you.” Since
this is the most important thing in missionary work, I figured it
would be a good thing to study this week. 

 The kanji of the week is: 奉仕 pronounced "hou-shi," and means service
(sorry if I've already done this one). 

Monday was nothing special, and I can't say we did too much. I'm not
remembering much about that day. 
Tuesday was a lot of going around and trying to talk to people, and we
were able to have a lesson with one less active, and set up an
appointment for the next day with the other. Lot's of traveling in
there too. 

Wednesday we had a last second split with the Zone Leaders, and it was
really fun. I went back down to Furukawa with Elder L., and we went to the less active's house together. It was fun, and we got to do
some good relationship building, and share a good message that she
liked. We also did some studies together, and had our English class.
There were only four students this week, probably because it was
raining. While we were going around, we stopped and talked to a high
school age boy and gave him a Book of Mormon and an English class
flier. He ended up coming to English class, and had a fun time. I hope
he comes again this week. 

Thursday was some more traveling, and we also went to go visit a less
active member when we go back. I can't remember too much about this
day either.

Friday was district meeting, and after the meeting we got a call from
President Smith with announcements on transfers. I am staying in
Furukawa, but I'm getting a new companion. In fact, he's new to the
mission, and will come into Japan tomorrow evening. I don't know who
it is yet, but I will let you all know next week. My companion, Elder
U., doesn't know where he's transferring, but he'll find out on
Thursday at a big meeting everyone will go to that is transferring or
getting a new companion (not a new missionary though, because that's
on Wednesday). This time is different, and it might stay this way
depending on how well it goes. The rest of the day was spent packing
Elder U's stuff, because we were asked to go to the mission home
the next day and he wasn't going to be going back to Furukawa. 

Saturday we had two stake conference meetings, and after those we went
to the mission home. We got back later on in the evening, so we had
dinner, and went to bed. 
Sunday was more stake conference (one session), and it was really
good. I was able to feel the spirit and get direction from all of the
speakers who spoke. I then went on splits with two missionaries who
serve in the mission office area, and we had a lesson with a recent
convert. He was really nice, and his wife (also a member) made us some
food to eat. After that we went back to the apartment and had studies.
Then I reported our numbers, and had an interview with President
Smith. He talked to me about this last transfer, and also about what
he's expecting out of me in this next transfer as I train. It was a
good experience, and I'm glad that he trusts me enough to train. I
won't dishonor that trust!

I hope you all had a good week, and happy thanksgiving! I love you all
from the deepest part of my heart! 


Elder _____

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