Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Small Changes

Well, this is definitely the shortest letter Alex has sent yet and he didn't send me a personal letter like he always does. He is busy, busy. The mom of his last companion wasn't on Facebook and I never got to communicate with her. But I found out that his new companion is Elder H. and I have already met his mom at a Sendai missionary mom luncheon! So glad to be in touch with his companion's mom.
Unfortunately, no pics at all.

To everyone:
So we got transfer calls last night. I am going to stay in Odate and
will be getting a new companion. His name is Elder H., and he is a
great guy. I've been in the same zone as him before, and he came to
Japan at the same time as Elder Anderson and Elder Sato. I'm looking
forward to this next transfer, but have no time to email right now. I
will see if I get a chance to write more. Love you all!



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