Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tag, You're It!

I decided to tag my children since they were helping me with my 6 things. I used photos from 2005 just for fun.

Sabrina's 6 Things About Me:
1.I like cheese.
2. I like Chuck E. Cheese.
3. I like to sleep with my stuffed dog Poody and all my animals, but mostly Poody.
4. I like to chew gum. Almost every day when I get gum, I drop it out of my mouth. My favorite kind is Wild Blueberry Twist Trident.
5. I want to be Cinderella or a monkey princess for halloween.
6. I love, love Christmas because it's near my birthday.

Elisa's 6 Things About Me:
1. I want to be a gymnast when I grow up.
2. I like to read scary books.
3. I love sugar.
4. I hate when people chew with their mouth open.
5. My favorite color is light blue.
6. I'm taller than most of my friends.

Alexander's 6 Things About Me:
1. I love electronics.
2. I want to be a fat Sumo for halloween.
3. My favorite food is pizza.
4. My favorite school subjects are band and math and art.
5. I only have one friend who is older than me. The rest are younger.
6. I love to read most books.


  1. How fun! I didn't even think to tag the kids! I will keep it in mind for next time... oh there will be a next time :)

  2. CUTE! That was a cute idea o tag your kids. I think I might steal YOUR idea now! Hey, thanks for writing back! I would love to "meet" your whole family! Can I list you on my list of blogs I read?
    Melanie Segalla


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