Monday, December 28, 2009

Frog, Skunk, Turtle

Having a birthday party for Sabrina in December is always a challenge. I want to make it fun and have it early enough that her friends haven't left on vacation yet or are booked with Christmas activities, but the whole month is already so busy. Last year I was good and planned early. This year Sabrina started planning months in advance, but kept changing her mind on what kind of party she wanted.

She wanted to have a party that no one has had before and I think she succeeded! She had a frog, skunk, turtle party and it was very difficult finding any ideas online for it or any decorations. We eventually decided to concentrate on the colors green, black and white. Here are the invitations that we put together.
Then we started with the decorations. Here is a silly picture taken from the family room through the streamers to see the green, black and white beads hanging from the light in the dining room.
Here is the table, set to eat. Each of the water bottles either had green ribbon or black and white ribbon. After setting it all up it looked more like a Mardi Gras party than a 7-year old's party, but it was too late to change it.
We bought a little frog that had a motion sensor and croaked each time someone came close to it. We put it on the front porch next to the door. Sabrina decorated it with rocks and fake plants. Every time a friend would come by, the frog would croak and surprise them. There was also a sign on the door that read, "Hop on in!"
We usually do pizza or some other real food, but this time it was only dessert. We had Stanley the frog. I don't know why I named him that. Don't laugh at my sad attempt at this fun
dessert. Or the kids could choose a scoop of vanilla ice cream with junior mint ears and chocolate syrup on the sides for Skipper the skunk, or a scoop of either ice cream with turtle shell poured on top for Slowpoke the turtle. (I didn't get pics of those not as cute options.)

Sabrina doesn't like cake. Her very favorite dessert is Rocky Road Bars. We made them with stripes of chocolate chips and marshmallows this time to make it look like skunk bars when we cut them.

I bought a bag of rocks at the dollar store, along with some goggly eyes. They painted the rocks green and glued the eyes on to make little frogs. That craft was WAY too easy for 7 year olds! It was very fast.
She had sooo much fun with her friends!
See her smile???? They are playing frog, turtle, skunk (instead of duck, duck, goose).
Move the turtle egg relay.
Froggy jump

Havin' fun hangin' out!
Impromptu funky dog song performance by Sabrina

Turtle says (like Simon says of course)

We started with all the kids sitting back while Sabrina started opening her gifts, but the kids got closer....
and closer...

and closer!!!!
It seemed like the kids had fun and Sabrina definitely did! Happy birthday, Sabrina. I can't believe my baby is 7!


  1. What a great party and Mom! That's more than I would have done!
    Happy New Year, Valerie!

  2. Cute party! I love the frog desert. You can't get much funner then that!

  3. I like the beads hanging. Happy birthday to your little girl.


  4. She is so OLD!!! It certainly looks like she had a great time! Love you all.

  5. This post made me smile! What a unique and fun idea for a birthday party! Love the frog that croaks when someone walks by.
    You're a good mom!

  6. Wow! That was amazing!! The party looked absolutaly amazing! So fun and creative! I think I'll have to email you when I need party ideas! It looks like they had a blast!

  7. How cute!! I am so impressed with everything you did. Wish I was that creative!!


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